Saturday, 27 December 2008

Aww ain't he pretty...

My bestest buddy as well as my eloquent colleague, companion and cousin, this is Oliver in a few shoots he did a couple years back for Qvest and iD magazine. Styled by the reknown Sharmadean Reid of WAH, and shot by Ben Weller, he hasn’t modeled for a minute and I think he needs to get back into it... Who agrees?

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Cheer

I may have to give blogging up for a hot, messy minute (ok a few days max) as I shall be overly busy with the combination of my university application (effin’ UCAS), a somewhat challenging piece I shall be helping an esteemed friend out with, and, obviously, the traditional merry making of this ever so joyous time of the year. Blogging has its many uses to say the absolute least, and, more over, there is a crisp sense of glowing pride in the art of self publication – alongside the airing of ones thoughts to, what is, an infinite audience. I am currently, well, supposedly (sorry Ruby), writing three blogs, including this one, though I do sometimes surreptitiously struggle to write just the one amongst all the other commitments of daily life. Alas, buried under the burden of self-imposed expectations, and weary already from the Christmas merriment, I bid all a hearty, alcohol-fuelled, very merry, Christmas – God bless – and shall continue blogging into the New Year and beyond. Have a great day...

Image taken without asking from here....

Monday, 22 December 2008

I heart Boxie...

It has already been made clear to me that, this is not for everyone, but I am an avid fan of the concept behind the brand I Love Boxie, and therefore I shant be one to ever knock it. An interesting concept, and somewhat of an adventure, Moxie, the genius behind the brand, is offering her 'T Spoke' service over the Christmas period, whereas you ring her up, tell her a story, and she creates a t shirt from what you have relayed to her - all in the space of a few hours and therefore ready for Christmas. I am an avid fan of her works, and believe Moxie to be both inspirational, and actively innovative - all details above, take a peek.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Kanye West x Mache x Nike

Browsing through T.Magic's blog I happened across these marvellous creations by the creative customising force of footwear artist Mache. A combination of the now infamous suit worn by Kanye and the graphical input of artist Kaws who contributes to his album artwork, the end result is a convergence of the worlds of fashion, art, animation, hip hop and holy sneakerdom. Nice, nice, nice and indeed brilliantly formed, Mache displays all his talents and more, as his elegant Air Forces tap into the recent, ever-hyped subject of popular culture, although the huge influence Mr West - 808’s, heartbreaks, et al - has upon today’s young, aspiring hipsters, cannot be underestimated. Make sure you check out more of Mache’s customs, he is quite brilliant.

Images stolen from here.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

An early Christmas present...

I got my first, and probably last, pair of Nike iD Air Force 1's yesterday and I can’t wait for them to turn up - they will look great with a bunch of Stussy samples I recently acquired. I’ll show you the pics when they come – An early merry Christmas folks.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Julian Perretta at Yoyo

Get down to Notting Hill Arts Club this Thursday for the last Yoyo of the year and a guest performance from my mate Julian Perretta, who I properly predict shall be absolutely huge this time next year - expect big things of him in 2009. It should be a good night filled with London's cool, creative kids and, as ever, great music.

Listen to some of Perretta's stuff here and here - he will be HUGE.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Dogs, cats and a few simple sketches...

I have started sketching out a few designs for t shirts I have long been considering producing, though I at first wasn’t sure if they are a route I should be strolling so cockily down (the world and their overly excitable dog seem to be making t's now), and it shall be a long time until any of these ideas come into fruition (hell, I’m a busy guy). Nonetheless it has been great putting my ideas down on paper – it makes a change from tapping away at an increasingly off white Macintosh – and hypothesizing the development and progression. These are just a few pretty preliminary sketches (it would be no fun letting the cat out of the bag this early on), though I plan on following the root of my mentor T.Magic - in adverse to strong, bold graphics, I want tactful typography and true meaning behind my works, as well as an innovative edgy quality that reeks of creativity. It shall be an interesting, if long, process, yet one that I cannot wish to embark upon. Bring on 2009!

Opening my eyes to South Africa

Whoever watched Louis Theroux's excellent documentary on crime in South Africa a few weeks back, will have been absolutely shocked by the levels of poverty and lawlessness in the area. Undoubtedly a country racked with problems, South Africa, in particular parts of Johannesburg, has issues that are at the very core of the country - the police force, the ‘community’, the legal system et al – and the people have no notion of what we, as western citizens, perceive to be ‘normal’. The slums of Johannesburg are a truly terrible, poverty stricken, crime ridden place, yet they are also emblematic of a system that has left the country in economic and social turmoil. The documentary allows us to surmount a greater understanding of how very lucky the majority of us are – we live in relative calm, and secure safety in contrast to these pitiful peoples. Sad and tumultuously terrifying, I can’t even begin to empathize with these people, nor begin to describe the horrific struggle and unstable turbulence of day-to-day living in this environment – thankfully; though with that admission is the twinge of guilt alongside the dark warmth of appreciation.

Image stolen from here, sorry, thanks...

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Obey sample sale

Obey are holding down a sample sale, check details above, which should attract an excellent bunch of artsy individuals and the odd carefree credit crunch dodging wayfarer too. Obey, as has been said before, is a brand for, and with, the kids, and this will be an excellent opportunity for us youngsters to take full advantage of yet another sample sale.

A quick quote from Russell Brand...

Russell Brand is a legend - read this below from his recent article...

‘Those people who predict the corporate future and commercial trends say that current global economic insecurity will lead to men growing beards to hide behind. I don't know what industry would fund that research as I don't see how you can make money out of men growing beards. Beard products? What, like beard dyes and beard beads? That'll never take off. Or just making other unrelated products appear more beard friendly, like cars with tiny beard scissors or thinner sandwiches that don't tarnish moustaches. Plus impotence is due to soar; this financial decline is nurturing a planet of vim-less Brian Blesseds strutting around, all nervous, knowing there's nothing down their trousers.’

Brilliant, absolutely bloody brilliant.

Yes the man is an absolute genius and an avid inspiration of whom I base my own writing technique upon quite ardently - I am unashamedly captivated with his uncaring, whimsical flirtation, and caught up in his eccentric, slightly feminine, ever so bizarrely barmy, British style of witty writing. I gush at his every declaration, drool at each and every crafty connotation, and lust for each trivial turn of phrase. The lanky lothario’s sexy, saavy and swooning, yet sharply structured, sentences and enticingly teasing literature style is something that I am endeavoring to bring to my own technique, though at the cost of forfeiting much semblance of an argument - well hell, you can’t have it all can you?

Check out Brand’s articles here and this is where the above image was stolen from (like a thief in the night). Nice

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Trading Places VI

Another excellent night at Trading Places VI on last Saturday’s frosty December eve as the Christmas special brought in a capacity crowd by the time the clock turned 12- impressive with several other options on that very same night. Packed full of pretty people and enough beats, bars and bass to make the most nonchalant of individuals step to the music, Crush bar was subject to one of London’s liveliest throngs, with only the odd ill-mannered individual punctuating the otherwise incident free night (though I do worry that they are becoming all the more common – lets hope Trading doesn’t become awash with the sex crazed, pervy men that are found at most other events that hold this amount of beautiful young women, though I am beginning to worry...). All money raised from the night was donated to the Sickle Cell Society. Nice.

Images courtesy of the excellent Ollie.

Nike x Cassette Playa

In conjunction with the launch of Carrie Mundane's Cassette Playas compilation with Nike to create the above Blazer, Nike held a little shindig/knees up at the 1948 warehouse that mixed influential industry individuals with the rough and stylish edge of some of the capitals most creative critters. An excellent showing from Tempa T, alongside some serious sets from the DJs and some ever original skanks from the bubbling crowd left a good vibe and impression upon my somewhat over-awed self. Nice and thank you Nike.

Images courtesy of the brilliant Ollie check out his work here.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Nike sample sale at 1948

Details above. See you there it looks like it will be great - god bless the credit crunch!

Friday, 5 December 2008

B.o.B and our lady Whino

This is a pretty old track, but I've always loved this tune, to the dismay of many of many of my peers. Take a little look and let me know what you think... Honestly...

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Happy Birthday Patricia

I somehow managed to drag myself from the perennial warmth of my home, and then through the bitter biting cold to Vortex, Dalston, last night to celebrate with my esteemed friend, and inspid inspiration, the lady Patricia William, for her 23rd birthday. And she celebrated in style on a night that was so alcohol induced, one could get inebriated from the fumes alone – cheap drinks, good music and great people all catered for an excellent atmosphere, befit of the east end queen. Happy birthday Patricia!

Boo to the Hoo

This looks absolutely amazing and I am ridiculously jealous that I can't be in Paris to get down to the show. Hosted by one of my favourite artists and designers, the Amsterdam born self taught sensation that is Parra, this event is guaranteed to be entertaining and inspirational. If you are passing through the fair districts of the French capital on the 5th day of this merry month (yes I realise that is tomorrow), ensure that you go - you are guaranteed an absolute treat.

A Shoreditch sample sale...

With a great line up of brands such as my personal favourites Mishka and A.IN.T, as well as 10Deep and Staple, expect to find some excellent, exclusive street wear at this discretely placed sample sale situated in not so sunny Shoreditch. I've already popped down there and trust me, if I was a single size smaller, I would have blown the already pretty battered bank. Open until Saturday 6th December, I would advise you to pass through - address below:

Straight Up Distribution Ltd
3rd Floor
1 Rivington Place

With thanks to Kish and Charlie for organising it. Image robbed from here.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Brooklyn (Go Hard)

Leaked on to the internet, straight from the recording studio, is Jay Z's recently recorded tune entitled Brooklyn (We Go Hard). Featuring the vocal talents of Santogold, and the producing ability of the gifted Mr West, the tune is rumoured to be featured in the Notorious B.I.G’s forthcoming biopic and compromises of real, raw, and ready rapping by the indomitable Jay Z. An excellent track, as well as an explorative one – the ever eclectic Santogold is shown in a completely different light, whilst West’s involvement makes for an interesting sideshow on what is already an excellent collaboration. Kanye's deft producing ability is pretty tip top too. Check out the video here. Nice.

How toys can save the world...

I genuinely cannot believe how I missed this Ted Talk before, but this is possibly one of the coolest things I have ever seen (in a geeky, childlike sort of way anyway). Check out Will Wright, the original designer of The Sims franchise, as he shows us how ‘toys can save the world’ through his game Spore (released September of this year). An interesting Ted Talk, yet one I strongly recommend watching – a particular highlight is when he talks about encouraging kids to think in the long term. What will happen to us in ten, fifty, a hundred years? It is an interesting question and one that we can perhaps ask ourselves very seriously at some point. I don't know if I could even really consider a realistic, tangible answer to that question, I wouldn't know where to begin, or where to end - it is such a far off, un-logistical thought that my brain would attempt to pack itself up after too much musing. However, this is part of the problem. We aren't prepared to think of the long term consequences of our actions and we aren't prepared for the long term future; Mr Wright is, commendably, attempting to amend this through the medium of toy, game and play.

I’m now going to indulge in some online shopping, I must find that game! Bloody brilliant.

Image taken from here, thanks.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

For those that don't know... Fatsarazzi

Unless you have been hiding under a large rock for the last decade or so, the large majority of you will be more than aware of Fatsarazzi’s frivolous fornication with the media of photography. An excellent photographer and a cultural cool critic, Fats is (world) widely respected as one of the very best in the business, underlined by his ability to unearth trends and zeitgeists long before most trendspotters. Check out his newly updated portfolio here. Nice.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Guaranteed to make you last that bit longer...

I do believe these adverts are as close to marketing brilliance as I have long seen. Extremely clever, if slightly mischievous, the team behind Durex has come up with a campaign for it’s new condom, the Durex Performa (engineered to make men last longer), that has created a huge buzz, both online and offline. In concordance with the release of the Performa, Durex have also released these charming limited edition pillowcases that have proved such a hit that Durex sales rose by 28% and the pillowcases had to be re-released in sex stores across New Zealand (where the campaign was launched).

Clever, cheeky and creative, Durex has brought a playful aspect to the bedroom, as it passes along the element of fun into that shrouded enclosed environment that most brands would love to be able to reach. It’s a lesson that a whole heap of obtrusive brands can learn from. If it’s my space, be very careful how you, as big, bold, brazen brands, act in it, whether it be online or off, facebook, or my room. Brands need to understand that when you are in my personal area, you can, and can’t, do, or don’t do, certain things. Respect this, and we should get along absolutely dandy.

Stole the images from here.
With thanks to Patricia for the heads up - I hadn't laughed so much over an ad in time, so it had to be documented!

Black Friday x Clark Kent x Nike

Upon looking at these sneakers, I have to ask myself why Nike can’t do more exclusive collaborative drops within these rain sodden shores. DJ Clark Kent and Nike have collaborated in conjunction with America’s infamous shopping splurge, Black Friday, to create these shiny, slick sneakers. With Nike giving Kent the freedom to unleash his creative capabilities once again (he has worked on a variety of other projects, including these trainers for the Olympics) he has created these exclusive kicks with a uniquely unconventional medley of materials - including black pony tail hair on the base, a metallic silver heel and swoosh, and an iridescent metallic gloss on the upper sole. Nice.

Image taken from here. Thanks.

Roll Deep vs the BNP

Going back to the issues in my recent piece on the BNP earlier this month, I was recently shocked by this portion of marketing mischief from the jolly boys from Bow E3. Much like Dizzee Rascal’s outlandish outing on the BBC’s Newsnight a few weeks back, Roll Deep have let down the side for the young, British and black. The video stands for the right things – an attempt by the many members of the motley mob to bring essential awareness to anti race hate campaigns – yet it is being carried about in the completely wrong fashion. As the video is playing, the names and areas of several people off of the leaked BNP list scroll across the bottom; a total display of indifference to the privacy of these individuals. Roll Deep are in a fortunate position where they can make an actual difference - they are in a position where what they say will be heard, will be acted upon, will be an inspiration - and it makes my blood burn, bubble then boil when I see these opportunities wasted. And for what? A cheap shot at a few blushing BNP members which affects nothing, no one and nowhere. Roll Deep have made the video about the fact that they believe these people to be racist - it shouldn’t be about whether these people are or aren’t racist, it should be about taking a unyielding position against what the party stands for. There are certain ways of dealing with issues; making a music video that basically digresses into schoolyard cussing, is, unfortunately for Roll Deep, not one of them.

Image taken from here. And with thanks to RWD for the heads up.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The changing dynamics of the workplace

I was listening to 1Xtra the other day as they had a week devoted to the topic of careers. Far be it for me to sit back smugly as I listened to scores of stories of unemployment, I was instead pertinently provoked by the persistent insistence that young people are lazy - according to a recent survey, 75% of adults think that young people don't work as hard as they did when they were kids. Having read Don Tapscott’s brilliant article in the guardian, and also Alex’s one here, I have come to realise that there is a serious shift occurring in the dynamics of how we work. The emphasis that future employers must place upon the new generation of workers, or the net-geners /echo boomers, will mean that there shall be drastic changes in the work place over the next few years.

Regarding the argument over the airwaves, it was quickly made clear that many current employers aren’t, or haven’t, adapted to this new way of working. This new way of working is inherently different, as Tapscott enforces in his article: “They've (net-geners) shaken up the game of politics, and now they may do the same in the working world. Their culture of work is challenging, to be sure, but I think it is the way to work in the 21st century. They enter the working world with distinctly different attitudes. Nearly seven out of 10 net-geners, for example, want to choose where and when to work, compared with four in 10 workers from their parents' generation. Half of them value family over money.”

I don’t believe current employees are prepared to make these dynamic alterations to the workplace so readily. It peeves me when it is reported that the young people of today are lazy, don’t want to work hard and diminish responsibility - young people are being satirized enough as it is. It’s not that net-geners don’t work hard, it’s just that they work in a totally different manner to the apparently, solid hard working, dedicated generations before it. Kid’s these days are readily prepared to work their full time job, do the nine to five, but to also venture out more. Kid’s want to benefit more from the talents they have actively accumulated and honed over the years, and financially profit from them. Look at the influx of young creative’s that have hit over the past few years – everyone now wants to create their own clothes, or is in a band, or is a photographer, paints, graffiti’s, models, is a stylist, hosts their own nights – the creative and entrepreneurial possibilities are endeavoring, yet endless. And this is all being achieved whilst still working solid hours in other jobs. The net-geners may work in a different manner from the baby boomers, and those before it, but never has a single generation shown such an almighty ambition for enterprise.

Image robbed from here. Thanks.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Whathehelle hearts LDN

Saturday was a great day. It involved shooting a documentary for Nike, a friendly cameraman called Nikolaj, 1948, sneakers, Nike iD, a Victorian style pub, Shoreditch, Soho, Punk, Camden, Gilgamesh and partying late into the night with Girls Aloud. I shan't bore you with the details, but hell I had fun.

Saturday also reminded me of the fact that I am very fortunate to be young, free and living in one of the greatest cities in the world. The cultural mix, the architecture, the people, the places, the parties, the opportunities - How could you not love London? Pimp magazine have released a guide to the capital called Pimp London: The Guide, detailing some of the capital’s hottest cultural spots and looking at London through sharp, savvy and stylish lenses. It is an interesting look at some of the small sub cultures and goings on within the capitals aromatic borders, and it does remind you of why London is such a great place. Listing 200+ of the capitals best haunts whether they be boutique or bar, cafe or club, Pimp takes a long lasting look at the scenes and spots that make London such a culturally condensed, captivating and creative city. We recently sent the book off to some kids in LA and they absolutely loved it; and if those bunch of broads and hoochie mamas liked it, us Londoners should definitely check it out.

Image stolen from here. Thanks. Sorry.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

The Magma

These pics are from the New ACG Magma Ripstop drop at 1948 yesterday. These spindly web of ropes holding the sneakers have temporarily replaced the NikeiD booth, as they display Nike's newest array of All Condition Gear kicks. Durable and as comfortable as pink furry slippers, the Magma is a great addition to the winter wardrobe.