Sunday, 14 December 2008

Trading Places VI

Another excellent night at Trading Places VI on last Saturday’s frosty December eve as the Christmas special brought in a capacity crowd by the time the clock turned 12- impressive with several other options on that very same night. Packed full of pretty people and enough beats, bars and bass to make the most nonchalant of individuals step to the music, Crush bar was subject to one of London’s liveliest throngs, with only the odd ill-mannered individual punctuating the otherwise incident free night (though I do worry that they are becoming all the more common – lets hope Trading doesn’t become awash with the sex crazed, pervy men that are found at most other events that hold this amount of beautiful young women, though I am beginning to worry...). All money raised from the night was donated to the Sickle Cell Society. Nice.

Images courtesy of the excellent Ollie.

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