Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sydney Awesome Challenge | Task Four | Brief

The next task is up, so get involved - I want active participation on the blog this time too - I want people commenting and bouncing idea's off of one another...

This week we are looking at Sydney Wildlife. We want you to take inspiration from the various animals that can be found in and around Sydney, and create your own Australian creature – whether it be a mash-up of existing animals (platypus, koala, wombat, emu– there’s plenty to choose from!) or a completely new species. As always, the medium in which you deliver your entry is up to you, and you’ll be judged on creativity, community involvement and use of the resources available to you.

Good times...

Sydney Awesome Challenge | Task Three | Completed

I know the brief was to take a photo, but I really wanted to bring drawing into one of the tasks as it is something I haven’t done in a long time, but also something I feel like I had to incorporate sooner rather than later [as it goes the next task would be perfect for that but ah well...]. I had originally wanted to use Photoshop, but instead relied upon graphite pencils and a handy rubber. More to follow after my trip up and down Britain [I’ll be away for a few days ya see]. Take a peek at initial images below...

Friday, 21 August 2009

Sydney Awesome Challenge | Task Three | Brief

The most difficult task yet, this challenge is again focused on active creation, take a peek:

So two challenges down, four to go! The third challenge is themed around Sydney icons. We want to see you recreate a well-known building, monument or geographical feature, and have your photo taken in front of it. How you go about making the icon is entirely up to you - we're thinking about going down the mashed-potato Sydney Opera House avenue (seems perfectly sane to us)!

Difficult and one I'm not entirely sure where I want to go with. I was considering 'photoshopping' the whole thing, but I'm unsure as to how really 'creative that is - its bloody difficult though! With this task, more so than even the last, your help is very very important so please do get in touch with all and any suggestions!

Image taken from here.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Sydney Awesome Challenge | Task Two | Completed

So the second task of the Sydney Awesome Tour is done and dusted and, with huge help from some of my peoples [thanks - you know who you are], I think I've again gone for something a little different in approach. I'm aware that this challenge could have either catered for a huge amount of creativity, or the extreme opposite, with very little - I had the path of either finding clothes online and building something via that, or designing something myself. In the end I went for neither and instead found an existing [extremely eccentric] ensemble through my various contacts. I wanted an outfit that screamed Sydney, and very few outfits, in my opinion, can shout Sydney as loud as having the Opera House itself on your shoulders...

Yup I went for that route [somewhat predictably] - hell Sydney has every right to be a global fashion capital, they can't stick to flip flops and short shorts forever now can they...

Take a peek at my presentation below, hope you like it...

Nice. Spread the word. Send me to Sydney.

Image robbed at gunpoint from here. Safe.

Sydney Awesome Challenge | Task Two | Diary

Second week, and the second task, 1000 Heads and NSW Tourism are keeping us on our toes - here's a little diary of the second task and how it went:

Having got to grips with this task far better than the previous one [I like to think I’ve got myself in to some sort of a routine] my typically late admission [hell I’m busy], was more to do with pulling together pretty documents than having my idea in on time. I refuse to present my idea in an any less grandeur manner than I would any other piece of work, hence the longwinded, if rather pretty, document [again].

I quickly deduced that this task was as much about the research, insights and the mood board leading up to the final product
, and quickly set about garnishing support from the several forward fashion thinking individuals that litter my several social applications, with the enormity of the task somewhat relieved by the fantastic help I got from my network, whether it was the guys over at seminal fashion magazine Super Super [cheers Jayga], or my supporters on my Facebook group and Twitter.

There was a quiet expectation bubbling up to this task, with several grandeur ideas being thrown around, several surrounding the creation of an outfit I had come up with. I even had a designer lined up and looking for material, but, alas, time was not on my side, and, without wanting to be obscenely late, I chose a different route to present my ideas – namely pretty pictures, a few choice outfits and perhaps a descriptive line or two. My heads still been a tad mushy I’ve got to say, possibly because I’ve been trying to juggle far too much for an ordinary human being to even attempt to entertain – I’m most definitely ordinary and I’ve found that the juggling balls are dropping to the floor quicker than I had hoped

I’ve got my blogging game back on and I’m now in full flow attempting to reach as many people as possible, whilst bringing people into contribute towards my involvement. I’ve attempted to begin a little Twitter movement, jumping on the back of Elle’s #sendmetosydney tagging, whilst I’ve kicked off a Facebook group that is around 150 strong all supportive and ever eager to help. It’s good to know I’ve got people supporting me, I’m not sure whether I’d get through this without the support and kind words of my associates, friends and assorted member of ‘my community’...

Image taken from here.

Saturday, 15 August 2009


This is Dels who, if you haven't heard of him already, is one hell of a talented young man. Having the pleasure of meeting him myself on one or two occasions [good guy], and amid our colourful Twitter conversations around the sorry state of the Gooners, I managed to divulge that he is, amongst many things, a brilliant musician.

Check out some of his work here, whilst the above image is taken from his up and coming music video. Stay tuned.

Image taken from A Tribe, where Mr Dels also blogs. Nice.

Friday, 14 August 2009

The ugly side of Camden

East London based brand the Ugly Kids Club have set up temporary a home in the hub of creativity known as Camden Stables. Selling limited edition clothing and assorted other bits and pieces, in a heavily spray painted backdrop, the pop up store demonstrates the brands ability to perform well, standing away from the various other competitor UK labels who have yet to engineer such a bold mood [with the exception of Second Son].

Congratulations, and the best of luck to the Ugly team.

Image taken from the site.

Sydney Awesome Challenge | Task Two | Brief

Right so the second brief is up and this one's a toughie. Focusing on fashion, the challenge requires the creation of a Sydney inspired outfit, moving away from the archaic look of khaki and corks to a much more modern look at Sydney.

'Week 2 is all about fashion. We want your take on Sydney as a style mecca, rather than the age old cliche of cork-hanging hats and drizabones. Basically, we're asking you to create an outfit that screams 'I'm all about Sydney'. Whether it's inspired by Collette Dinnigan frick, or some particularly eye-catching Hot Tuna beachwear, mock it up in whatever way you fancy... Hand-stitched, elegantly sketched or charity shop purchased - it's up to you!'

I've already got more than enough of an idea of where to take this, as I've long been a follower of Sydney fashion [thank you Sneaker Freaker!] but I'll need help refining the ideas and working on my final outcome. Get involved, I want to give you the bloody tickets for f*cks sake!

Good times.

Image taken from the Yeezy Sydney launch.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

'Oargh, oaargh'

I'm calling for a resurgence of D Double E who, in my mind, is still the best MC to have darkened the already pretty dark corridors of Grime thus far. Still. With untameable flow, precision, energy and craft, the Newham born MC is to this day unmatched.

Watch this for a reminder of the pure brilliance that is D Double E.

Image ripped from here - music of my childhood...

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Head Hunting...

Maharishi's MHI continues on into 2010 despite the issues surrounding it's apparent dip in to administration and the take over by [f*cking] JD Sports. Implimenting serial stylist, and Cassette Playa designer Carri Munden, to style the brand's spring/summer 'Head Hunter' collection - nice title and hopefully they will stay true to their word by 'head hunting' and working with young, up and coming creative stars. This already seems the case. As well as working with Mundane, the young model featured in the lookbook is a young, talented musician named Kase. Nice.

With a strong graphic element, expect MHI to return to the UK streetwear consciousness with huge aplomb over the next few months. The impending relaunch of Maharishi has got me bubbling with excitement once again, as the British fashion aficionados look to cement themselves back into the mindset of the fashion aware consumer. Having recently been invited to their London studio I was hugely impressed with their new product range, as the trademark brilliant design elements, alongside quality tailoring, is an ever present throughout the brand.

Expect to see more soon...

Sydney Awesome Challenge | Task One | Completed

So, after much deliberation, and pained consideration, this was what I finally came up with for the first task of the Awesome Sydney Tour. What do you think? Take a browse through the below document and please do give me feedback...

Right so that's task one complete, but how did I fare against the other contestants? From what I can see, everyone has done a great job [good luck to all involved again]. I've also just found this which has a wealth of more information surrounding the project too, take a peek...

Check out Anthony's pub inspired take on Aussie Rules, the popular Australian sport very much like rugby. Flicking a peanut between beer bottle/pint glasses to score points, the game is simple, easy to engage with and it looks like a lot of fun.

Lottie's first task is, alike Anthony's, based around Aussie Rules, this time involving a board game type thing and flicking coins through coins instead of peanuts. Nice, it's presented particularly well and I like the board game format here.

interesting take on cricket was also of great interest [and amusement] as she took the challenge away from the bar environment and in to the park [with a bunch of beers and oranges to boot]. Nice and it looked a ball to play too, whilst taking it from the pub and into the park is pretty cool too, something I'm unaware anyone else really took it upon themselves to do [the lure of a close by bar perhaps too much for us other contestants].

Kate's version of tennis
was of similar format to the 1000 Heads Sydney Cricket, yet it's still nice, compact and simple to play.

Also take a peek at Miranda's blog she has set up solely for this project. Her idea encompassed the fact that Hamsters are illegal in Australia [who knew!?] and is both very clever, and extremely well pulled together.

Angel's idea surrounds bowling is similarly based on a board game and involves rolling a coin onto a series of objects. Check it out here...

So how does my idea match up? Thoughts...

Image taken from here. Thanks.

Sydney Awesome Challenge | Task One | Diary

I've taken time to keep a bit of a diary in terms of structuring my thought process around ideas, inspirations and so forth. Well aware that this is a competition, perhaps I should be more cautious... But then again I've always wanted to keep a diary of sorts [I realise a blog falls under the broad term of 'diary of sorts'...]:

My train of thought over this first brief was a tad erratic [to say the least]. Combining my own drudging work schedule with my lack of time management skills, I left it to a frenzied weekend of partying, pretty girls and the occasional binge upon assorted alcoholic beverages to inspire, and to set aflame to, the creative qualities necessary for me to adeptly compete in this first showdown task. Impressive then that I managed to think up anything at all. The lack of ingenuity within my idea [by my reckoning at least] is something I would possibly blame upon misdirection by a bunch of New Zealanders on Friday evening – truly unhelpful bastards – and a parade of pretty Australian girls who only managed to distract me from the task at hand.

That being said, and though I now associate Australia [well Brisbane at least] with tanned skin and long legs, I am personally not unhappy with the fruit of my limited imagination. Deciding not to focus on a generic sport, I wished to utilise the raw materials that were at hand within my environment, whilst coming up with something both engaging to watch and participate in – that, I quickly learnt, was the beauty of Sydney cricket – without digressing too far from the sport . I started this task how I would when tasked with sculpting, and went about collecting [in my notebook at least] the raw materials I had at my disposal, already with a resemblance of a direction stored discretely within the memory banks of my brain. It was difficult however to bring about these different bits and pieces of ideas - I initially struggled to formulate anything tangible – but this was, of course, until I started working on making the ideas come to life and, with the help of a long legged, sun kissed, Brisbane born lady or four I managed to make something happen.

In terms of outreach, my only involvement I directly aimed at ‘my community’ was to let fly a few emails, tweet a tad and to make sure that I was allowed to use certain more creatively inclined members of my network in future tasks. I have yet to blog about the project, but this first task has proven to me that I must bring in as many people as is possible, thus, for the next task, I shall have the full force of my friendship groups, work buddies and assorted associates behind me so I can not only win, but win in the crushing kind of manner that would be befitting of a Jabba the Hut type character, or one of those awful American wrestling fellows. Nice.

Image taken from here. Cheers. Oh and yes that is Sydney too!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Sydney Awesome Challenge | Task One | Brief

Perhaps prematurely, I fell through in this first challenge by not blogging about it post it's deadline and instead choosing to take it upon myself [and a bunch of pretty Oz girls] to come up with the first task myself.

This, however, was the brief [well... My version of the brief]:

Create a simplistic game that has it’s heritage in an Australian related sport and that can be carried out around a bar/public house/bar like surface. This could be any sport that is enjoyed in Oz, focusing particularly on creating a game that can be played with an active participation. The consumption of alcohol, though not specifically suggested, has a place within the culture of both Australia and pubs and therefore it would be slightly disparaging to not involve at least a few alcoholic beverages...

This was the idea that the 1000 Heads team proffered us to get our creative juices going. It's called 'Sydney Cricket':

Standard Rules…

Players agree amongst themselves the number of ‘overs’ (turns) that are to be played – each ‘over’ giving the player six attempts at scoring ‘runs’ (points). Once agreed, players take it in turns to spin their coin on the playing surface and attempt to score runs. The classic version uses the board below, with players spinning from the centre circle and scoring runs by landing their coin within the rings. If your coin finishes up off the board though, you’re out… Howzat!

NB: If a coin lands between two rings, an umpire’s decision must be sought on where the majority of the coin lies and runs awarded accordingly.

I shall soon blog my final idea - I want as much feedback as is possible!

Image taken from here. Safe.

Terms and Conditions regarding the Sydney Awesome Challenge...

The guys over at 1000 Heads have also sent these details over regarding the terms, conditions and final prize package details.

Have a butchers [exciting!]:

Prize package

  • 2 x return economy flights to Sydney (confirmed departure from London only)
  • 7 nights accommodation in Base Backpacker Hostel, Sydney (twin share)
  • 2 x Bondi Surf Experience (half day)
  • 2 x ‘High Power Ticket’ (including jetboat ride)
  • 2 x Blue Mountains Day Tour
  • 2 x Bonza Bike 1/2 day tour

STA Terms and conditions for all prize winners

  • All bookings must be made by 31st December 2009.
  • All travel must be made by 31st October 2010 (can make this sooner if you like).
  • Prize is not transferable for cash and not valid with any other offer.
  • Prize must be booked through an STA Travel branch, as facilitated by STA Travel head office.
  • There are no black-out days or seasonal restrictions on the flights however the total prize value attributed to the flight will be £750 per person. Any cost above this amount must be paid for by the prize winner.
  • Any other products, including but not limited to insurance, car hire and additional accommodation on tours can be booked through STA Travel but must be paid for by the prize winner.
  • All bookings subject to availability.

Image taken from here.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Free tickets to Sydney anyone?

I've been lucky enough to have been involved in many great opportunities during my short, if busy [and stressful], lifetime, yet an initiative I have recently been involved in with WOM agency 1000 Heads has to one of the most amazing I've ever experienced [1000 Heads were the great bunch that previously got me involved with the BBC Blast project]. With Sydney bound flights, paid for accommodation and an opportunity to be active within the beautiful backdrop of New South Wales up for grabs, the 1000 Heads team have launched the 'Sydney Awesome Tour' in conjunction with one of their clients, STA Travel.

Without the long drawn out frippery, quite simply I have been set the task of engaging people with Australia and the great outdoors element of what is one of the most amazing countries in the world [along the lines of the wonderful PR move that was 'the greatest job in the world'].

Over a 6 week period I shall be set 6 tasks [yup one per week] where I must effectively use 'my community' to aide me win the top prize of a week in Sydney. All tasks shall be held in good spirit, and are orientated around testing creativity and one's ability to understand what it is that makes Sydney the amazing place it is. Stay tuned for these.

What, I hear you ask, is in it for those that help me out?
Well, for one, the winner shall be officially given four tickets to Sydney - a pair for the winner and guest, with another two to be shared out amongst the winning community. There are currently 12 bloggers in line for the amazing prize, with a harden competitive spirit being combated by a great launch event to the project [see more ] so that's pretty darn good odds if you think about it... The project is tailored to be particularly engaging, with participation from as many people as is possible clearly a very important part to this task. Offering tickets to my community is apparently at my descretion, however I shall be both fair and realistic in my distribution - whoever helps me the most will win the remaining tickets [it's either that or I put everyone who helps out in to a draw - let me know if you think this is more fair].

This will require proactive audience participation, so all those that wish to be involved, please take my blog as an opportunity to brainstorm, discuss and [constructively] criticise via commenting. I want as many people as possible being involved and I also want to win. Badly.

I never compete to lose so, with the backing of my amazing network, I plan to win this competition.

Please get in touch if you wish to know more about the project. Stay tuned for more info, it will come thick and fast...

Image taken from here. 'G'day'.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Basking in the effervescence of some swiney goodness...

I feel inflicted, if not by swine, then by some other God forsaken illness that shall surely put a spanner in some sort of works. My day today felt like a battle and aches and pains have sprung up in places I didn't even know I had. A good time, apparently, to kick off my blogging once again. Amongst the many distractions I've had in the past month or so, university aside, the vinspired Voicebox project has been, by far, the largest. The fact that it has been interesting, fun and a great learning tool has meant that I've somewhat been caught up in the whole motion of the project, whilst general work for Ruby and my ever active social life has also lead to a lack of activity on this particular blog front. My bad.

So my uni application is done and dusted - I've decided on my course, what uni I'm going to attend, and, a tad prematurely one could say, decided on my favourite lecturer. I'm one letter away from getting close to £6K in debt, whilst I've got myself geared up for all the pretty girls I'm going to meet. So. What now?

Unsure as to what to expect I've been trawling Facebook and the Goldsmiths site as to clues of what to expect and, though my research techniques are somewhat questionable, that I'll be in for a high octane experience of drugs, sex and alcohol fuelled binges, combining not only the two previous past times but also wild, skins esque parties, nudity, and a large proportion of Mcdonald's Happy Meals with a side of Salt n Vinegar crisps. I could of course be wildly wrong, though something makes me think I may be on the right paths. I'll just have to wait and see I suppose...

I'm on the path to recovery. Good times.

Image taken from here. Cheers.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


As you may, or may not as it goes, know, I've recently become involved in a project for vinspired [the government backed volunteering Charity] called Voicebox. The project is based upon curating the views of young people and giving them a voice that will be heard and listened to, and not only by your peers, us at vinspired, or even the guys at your local corner shop [I find it oddly poignant that they must think I'm going to steal something every time I rock up in at that store - I've only been going there since I was 8 and have, to my memory at least, not even stolen a chocolate button - though did once pocket 20p I once found on the floor in there... I'm not sure if that counts - if so, then my very bad and I'll return it at once with the 7 years or so interest on top. If not, then sod off], but by the people that 'stalk the corridors of power' [such a wanky expression and I winced/cringed profusely when I heard some politician use the phrase today].

The initiative has few grand plans in the pipeline, a robot being strategically placed in the Houses of Parliament being one of them as well as one or two potential partnership with other interesting people to boot. The project will potentially [eventually I should say] be an amazing resource to provide people with true insights into what kids think, feel and do. Apart from asking kids their opinions on subjects such as knife crime, teenage pregnancy and drug use, we are, more importantly in my opinion, getting to the very core of what young people care about. A key part of this project is making sure that kids can be heard – we’re doing this by making all the results we gain from the questions on the site absolutely open source and therefore can be picked up and taken by any Tom, Dick and/or Harry, and can be played with as a child would a Lego set.

I'm also writing the blog on the site so please do stay tuned for my ever so insightful posting on there, whilst check out the results section for an up to date, blow by blow account of how our respondents are reacting. The project will be hugely successful, but I can't do it on my own. I'll need as much support from all the people that know me as is possible, so please do get as involved with Voicebox as is possible. If you're between 13 and 25 then please do proffer your opinions by filling out the questions here, and also please do talk about us - the project needs as much coverage as possible - whilst we are actively pushing people to pick up and play with our open source results.

Check out the site here - cheers.

Image taken from here. I've got to say I do blooming love Lego - not sure what it's got to do with Vociebox, but I saw small man, big headphones... Does anyone other than myself see the train of thought that has lead me here? Gosh it's late.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

NSW hits the nail on the head.

I recently came across images of Nike's Autumn/Winter NSW range and quickly concluded that it is genuinely the best collection I have ever seen emerge bleary eyes and fresh, from the Sportswear camp. With a selection of what appears to be impressively tailored jackets, coats and assorted cold weather wear, the Nike team have hit the nail on the head in terms of simple aesthetics – keeping much of the collection clean, bold and simple there is as much as 90% of all the product [seen here] that I would actively wear. Impressive, also, is the clever use of form, as there is a several pieces that take influence from the Varsity and military inspired M65 jacket. Very impressive, and impressed.

Thanks Hypebeast!