Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Basking in the effervescence of some swiney goodness...

I feel inflicted, if not by swine, then by some other God forsaken illness that shall surely put a spanner in some sort of works. My day today felt like a battle and aches and pains have sprung up in places I didn't even know I had. A good time, apparently, to kick off my blogging once again. Amongst the many distractions I've had in the past month or so, university aside, the vinspired Voicebox project has been, by far, the largest. The fact that it has been interesting, fun and a great learning tool has meant that I've somewhat been caught up in the whole motion of the project, whilst general work for Ruby and my ever active social life has also lead to a lack of activity on this particular blog front. My bad.

So my uni application is done and dusted - I've decided on my course, what uni I'm going to attend, and, a tad prematurely one could say, decided on my favourite lecturer. I'm one letter away from getting close to £6K in debt, whilst I've got myself geared up for all the pretty girls I'm going to meet. So. What now?

Unsure as to what to expect I've been trawling Facebook and the Goldsmiths site as to clues of what to expect and, though my research techniques are somewhat questionable, that I'll be in for a high octane experience of drugs, sex and alcohol fuelled binges, combining not only the two previous past times but also wild, skins esque parties, nudity, and a large proportion of Mcdonald's Happy Meals with a side of Salt n Vinegar crisps. I could of course be wildly wrong, though something makes me think I may be on the right paths. I'll just have to wait and see I suppose...

I'm on the path to recovery. Good times.

Image taken from here. Cheers.

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jeffhahn said...

Goldsmiths?! Thought you wanted to go to LCC! Well done though!