Tuesday, 4 August 2009


As you may, or may not as it goes, know, I've recently become involved in a project for vinspired [the government backed volunteering Charity] called Voicebox. The project is based upon curating the views of young people and giving them a voice that will be heard and listened to, and not only by your peers, us at vinspired, or even the guys at your local corner shop [I find it oddly poignant that they must think I'm going to steal something every time I rock up in at that store - I've only been going there since I was 8 and have, to my memory at least, not even stolen a chocolate button - though did once pocket 20p I once found on the floor in there... I'm not sure if that counts - if so, then my very bad and I'll return it at once with the 7 years or so interest on top. If not, then sod off], but by the people that 'stalk the corridors of power' [such a wanky expression and I winced/cringed profusely when I heard some politician use the phrase today].

The initiative has few grand plans in the pipeline, a robot being strategically placed in the Houses of Parliament being one of them as well as one or two potential partnership with other interesting people to boot. The project will potentially [eventually I should say] be an amazing resource to provide people with true insights into what kids think, feel and do. Apart from asking kids their opinions on subjects such as knife crime, teenage pregnancy and drug use, we are, more importantly in my opinion, getting to the very core of what young people care about. A key part of this project is making sure that kids can be heard – we’re doing this by making all the results we gain from the questions on the site absolutely open source and therefore can be picked up and taken by any Tom, Dick and/or Harry, and can be played with as a child would a Lego set.

I'm also writing the blog on the site so please do stay tuned for my ever so insightful posting on there, whilst check out the results section for an up to date, blow by blow account of how our respondents are reacting. The project will be hugely successful, but I can't do it on my own. I'll need as much support from all the people that know me as is possible, so please do get as involved with Voicebox as is possible. If you're between 13 and 25 then please do proffer your opinions by filling out the questions here, and also please do talk about us - the project needs as much coverage as possible - whilst we are actively pushing people to pick up and play with our open source results.

Check out the site here - cheers.

Image taken from here. I've got to say I do blooming love Lego - not sure what it's got to do with Vociebox, but I saw small man, big headphones... Does anyone other than myself see the train of thought that has lead me here? Gosh it's late.

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