Monday, 10 August 2009

Free tickets to Sydney anyone?

I've been lucky enough to have been involved in many great opportunities during my short, if busy [and stressful], lifetime, yet an initiative I have recently been involved in with WOM agency 1000 Heads has to one of the most amazing I've ever experienced [1000 Heads were the great bunch that previously got me involved with the BBC Blast project]. With Sydney bound flights, paid for accommodation and an opportunity to be active within the beautiful backdrop of New South Wales up for grabs, the 1000 Heads team have launched the 'Sydney Awesome Tour' in conjunction with one of their clients, STA Travel.

Without the long drawn out frippery, quite simply I have been set the task of engaging people with Australia and the great outdoors element of what is one of the most amazing countries in the world [along the lines of the wonderful PR move that was 'the greatest job in the world'].

Over a 6 week period I shall be set 6 tasks [yup one per week] where I must effectively use 'my community' to aide me win the top prize of a week in Sydney. All tasks shall be held in good spirit, and are orientated around testing creativity and one's ability to understand what it is that makes Sydney the amazing place it is. Stay tuned for these.

What, I hear you ask, is in it for those that help me out?
Well, for one, the winner shall be officially given four tickets to Sydney - a pair for the winner and guest, with another two to be shared out amongst the winning community. There are currently 12 bloggers in line for the amazing prize, with a harden competitive spirit being combated by a great launch event to the project [see more ] so that's pretty darn good odds if you think about it... The project is tailored to be particularly engaging, with participation from as many people as is possible clearly a very important part to this task. Offering tickets to my community is apparently at my descretion, however I shall be both fair and realistic in my distribution - whoever helps me the most will win the remaining tickets [it's either that or I put everyone who helps out in to a draw - let me know if you think this is more fair].

This will require proactive audience participation, so all those that wish to be involved, please take my blog as an opportunity to brainstorm, discuss and [constructively] criticise via commenting. I want as many people as possible being involved and I also want to win. Badly.

I never compete to lose so, with the backing of my amazing network, I plan to win this competition.

Please get in touch if you wish to know more about the project. Stay tuned for more info, it will come thick and fast...

Image taken from here. 'G'day'.


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