Monday, 5 October 2009


So I've kicked off my time at Goldsmiths University in South London and, apart from it being terribly daunting [something, I assure you, I was not prepared for being the cocky gob shite that I am...] it was also something of a roller coaster ride. Without divulging too deeply into the emotional stuff [none of you want to hear that], I'm very aware that my time at Goldsmiths will be the making of me and, seeing as I'm based there for the following three years, it will become a home of sorts. My course [Anthropology and Sociology for those that don't know] is already captivating me, as an untried attempt at being less excited about going to my lectures fell flat on it's face proved. My first lecture was entitled 'Knowledge and Power'. Gosh. Really looking forward to it. Really excited.

The image was taken on my first day before I went to enroll - t'was scary stuff!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Crep Collection | Part One

So I thought I'd take you all through a little look of my kick collection, as, with it mounting up and all, I haven't got much time to really appreciate them these days - so I thought I'd may as well let them loose on the web instead. This is Part One - I'm not yet sure of how many parts there will be, but judging by the current size I'm sure there will be a fair few...

Saturday, 3 October 2009

I've been away...

Right I'm assuming you've noticed I haven't blogged for, well, ages, and, though I have no real excuse for this poor lapse, I have been extremely [extremely!] busy - in fact last month was possibly the hardest, busiest, most draining month I've probably had to struggle through in recent memory [though I still enjoyed it. I've started uni [more of that to come later], and I've worked, travelled [to fair Paris as well as Sheffield, Liverpool and Glasgow two times each], filled in a whole heap of forms, travelled some more and, basically, been terrible at managing my time. This is something I've had to address but I think taking this last month off from blogging has been a pretty good idea adjudging from the amount of other things that have been going on. I will be prompt in my return however and I'm sure I'll be back on top of Swagger & Swoon as soon as I'm back in to the rhythm of blogging. Stay tuned.

Image stolen from here...