Friday, 24 July 2009

Entering the 'age of play'

I've recently read this amazing artist from one of my key mentors, the great Mr Ajaz Ahmed. Looking at the evolving practicality of utilising video gaming as a medium for marketing, Ajaz looks in depth at the business that is now bigger and mightier than Hollywood. I've long been a fan of in game marketing, mentioning it in a interview I did with the Guardian over a year ago, lauding the effective subtlety of adverts within games. With such complexity to games such as Grand Theft Auto, marketeers have the ability to not only market effectively whilst an audience [which is largely a hard to reach, younger audience] offers full concentration to the game, but to also confidently speak to its consumers in a way that will much more easily grab, and keep, their attention.

Take a look at the article here, it's genius.

Image taken from here.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Today was a good day...

Just came across this brilliant ad from Nike SB in conjunction with the third release of the Paul Rodriguez Nike SB skate shoe. Combining picturesque scenery, fantastic tricks from P.Rod himself and the 'Today was a Good Day' soundtrack, alongside a cameo from Ice Cube himself, the video is a brilliant minute of ad that I wished I saw more of. Straight out of Nike's Innovation Kitchen, take a look at the video here.

Pretty pic huh?

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Twelve Bar

If you hadn't heard of Twelve Bar before, you sure will in the coming months. Created by ex Londoners Nick Jackson [ex-Maharishi] and Damien Webster [of Clique n’ Move], Twelve Bar has had an excellent lease of life since it’s emergence on to the streetwear scene a few years back. Mixing casual workwear with leisurely streetwear, Twelve Bar has both some great stand out pieces and some excellent wardrobe fillers. Now based in LA since their move from London, the brand has benefited and excelled by mixing up the different style influences from these separate surroundings, blending these cultural styles both efficiently and effectively. Built upon the creation of things that they love [hence where the heart logo and the tagline ‘It’s All Love’ has come from], both founders are heavily influenced by their joint adoration of music – something that is extremely important in their apparel design and outlook on life [their website is also reflective of this, whilst their ties to some of the best emerging and established artists displays their authentic love of music].

Good quality, well made and fairly priced, Twelve Bar is definitely worth a prolonged look, with some of their pieces being truly stand out, a reflection as to why the brand is so popular stateside. Being the excellent blokes that they are, Nick and Damien have sorted me out with a discount code for anything on the online site - a promotion which I plan to extend to my friends and assorted readers.

Take a look at the amazing website here and please do get in touch if you’d be interested in taking advantage of the code.

It’s all love. Image taken from the website.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

T.Magic x Nike iD

To celebrate the success of artist and entrepreneur extraordinaire T.Magic has twinned with Nike iD to collaborate officially for the first time. With a tee/trainer pack for the ever popular ‘success is my destiny’ pack, and another for the ‘hope for the best prepare for the worst’, T.Magic has again cemented himself as a luminary of the UK’s creative scene.

Check out the packs, and more from the man, here.

Image taken from the site.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

What's Good

For what will surely be a great weekend, What's Good is going to cap off an excellent Saturday of festivities. With temperatures soaring, and so much happening this weekend, Whats Good will be an excellent opportunity to shake a leg and to vibe to tunes from some of the biggest DJs in the capital. Sponsored by New York clothing company 10 Deep, and organised by music maven James Rubin of the Agency Group, expect a great combination of tunes, fashion and people to make for what will be one of the best regular nights in town.

Check out details on the, very well designed, flyer or the Facebook here. Nice, nice.