Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Party n' Bullshit

The love child of two of London’s luminaries, Merrick Johnson and Theo Oliver [aka celebrated DJ Motive] have decide they want a change from the usual Dalston ‘cool kid’ rave and so Party n’ Bullshit was formed. With an impressive line up of DJs including Motive himself and Yoyo’s Seb Chew, culture vulture duo Tim and Barry and Maharishi’s Gigolo Knight. The night will be focused on fun, debauchery and the appreciation of good music, and will, importantly, be open to all n everyone. Held in Dalston’s 512 Kingsland Road venue, Party n’ Bullshit promises to be a resounding success – come join in the merry tomfoolery this Friday evening. Sweet.

Details above on the flyer and here on Facebook.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

The return of Crossover

Crossover finally returns to the streets today as a new range of product have been dropped via We Are HQ. Taking a break from the game, Crossover, HQ and Slammin Kicks mastermind Magdi Fernandes has decided it’s time to bring back the brand so famously endorsed by the likes of Jay Z and Lupe. Not only that but the tees are only a glimpse of what is to come as Fernandes promises big things for the future of the underground streetwear label.

Check out the newly renovated HQ site too – expect big things from both the site and Crossover. Take a look at the tees here.

Image taken from here - thanks.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Boom Bye Bye IV

The fifth installment of Boom Bye Bye looms this evening as a heavy schedule of pre weekend raves look to kill off my youthful energy before I even get to Saturday. 512 Kingsland Road again plays host to the hustling bustling night run by the East End Princess as an amazing line up of DJs, including Acyde, Blaise Belville and the WAH crew , spin the night away. Kicking off at 10 PM be sure to be there early.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Got Got Need: Part Three

Preparing you all for a night of swapping induced mayhem, Got Got Need returns to us for the third installment of the popular night. A free BBQ, good music and loads of great swaps shall ensure the Macbeth will be a bustling, busied night as Got Got Need, brought to us by BNTL's talented Ollie Danger, promises to be a fun packed night of vibes, good peoples and fantastic films.

More info here.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Shaniqwa Jarvis

A fantastic photographer, the extremely personable Shaniqwa Jarvis’ photography immediately caught my constantly wandering eye. With beautifully ranged photographs, Jarvis’ strength lies in her ability to not only capture the individual’s minimal moments beautifully, but to also make them both real and honest. The calibre of the people she has photographed points to her fantastic technique with a camera in hand.

A well respected, experienced photographer, Jarvis has finally finalised a certified online presence so check out her new site here.

Image taken from the site.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Art Is My Hustle: Summer 09 Pack

The wait for a release from the T.Magic camp is now over as, building on the unparalleled success of the recent Leicester invasion, T and the team have released the ‘Art Is My Hustle’ Summer 09 pack. Reminding the world of the successful ethos of the brand, the pack includes a tee and a jumper - both limited to 25 pieces each. With the pack only being released a matter of hours ago some sizes have already sold out, so be sure to be quick if you wish to procure one of these extremely limited pieces. There is every possibility that all they could potentially be sold out by this time tomorrow.

The pack can be purchased from here.

Excitingly, there is also talk of an extremely limited edition collaboration with Nike on the horizon – more info to come, so stay tuned.

Image taken from the blog.

Vitamin Water x Don't Panic

I’ve been seeing some excellent things from Vitamin Water of late – adverts have been popping up all over the gaff, whilst the constant promotional work around the brand is both acknowledged and appreciated. Positive in its approach, whilst not too over bearing, Vitamin Water is filtering into our everyday consciousness. Six months ago I would have found it strange seeing Vitamin Water in constant, general use – now, it is commonplace.

Vitamin Water have again caught my attention, this time due to a design competition they’re running with Don’t Panic. In a move to test their consumer’s creativity, Vitamin Water are giving entrants the opportunity to see their design projected big and large on to the side of Cordy House, Shoreditch, whilst there is also a cash prize and tickets to a festival too. The theme for the competition is ‘summer of Glaceau Vitamin Water’ so if you’re interested, there is more information here.

Image taken from here. Thanks. Sorry.

PSFK give good job

So it would seem that PSFK have some job opportunities for a lucky few to work with the global trends and ideas agency. Though mainly internships, PSFK would be an excellent place for a budding creative to learn and to progress.

Check out all the relevant information here.

Image taken from the site – thanks fellas.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Tube Exits and Pretty Pictures

Check out my latest post on PSFK on Lance Stewart's brilliant new iPhone app 'Tube Exits'. Designed to make traveling around London that bit more easier, it will make commuting, especially in rush hour, more manageable. The post also forays into the Art on the Underground campaign that has impressively been briging a focus to the brand of the London Underground in a sophisticated, interesting way. Check it out here.

Image taken from here.

Trinotron's new site

Trinotron has bagged itself a brand new website with enough games, toys and fun graphics to keep a kid entertained for hours on end. One of the most animated sites I've seen in recent time, Trinity Ellis, the man behind the brand, has continued the perpetual futuristic theme, with the website offering a digital home for the brands ever expanding collection.

Check it out here. Nice, nice.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Art is pricey - fact - so why not create your own mini masterpieces with IARTLONDON. Offering the opportunity to create fantastic art on a budget, their brilliant DIY kits are to be found in vending machines dotted around the capital. Check out more here in my latest post on PSFK.

Image taken from here. Sweet.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Trapstar x Candy Store: The Invasion of '09

For what will be one of the most exciting weekends Birmingham will have to endure, the Trapstar team are once again invading the Brum and it's fantastic Candy Store. With talks of a collaboration, and with an after party in the mix too, 2009' edition of Trapstar's invasion will be intense. Get your names in quick to roadtrip@iamatrapstar.com and gather more info here.

See ya'll there.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Bathhouse

Shoreditch's messy streets aren't missing much it would appear, and this fact is now a whole heap truer since The Bathhouse has laid its roots down on one of the area's much maligned corners. Read more about The Bathhouse here in my write up on PSFK.

Image taken from here.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Brand new second hand?

Hitting the South of London this Sunday, is 'Brand New Second Hand' brought to us by a bunch of our favourite streetwear luminaries, including MVP and the WAH crew. Housing some great pieces from bands such as Stussy, Nike and Visvim, this is one for the streetwear connoisseur, important, also, as the UK scene, with the exception of Trapstar, has remained a tad quite since the fantastic momentum of the Reset just over a month ago. Brand New Second Hand will be a welcome relief for bargain hunters, streetwear lovers, and clothing hoarders alike.

Good times.

Sunday, 7 June 2009


I love the new Paranoid video from Kanye West, the artistry and the drama of the video accentuated by the cameo performance from pop princess, turned fashion icon, Rihanna. Fantastically shot and cleverly pulled together, this is one of the best videos I have seen from the generally outstanding West.

Have a look at the video here.


Friday, 5 June 2009

Meeting Rio...

I had the great pleasure of being offered the opportunity to meet Rio Ferdinand last Saturday as a crew of hand picked individuals, Nike employees, and die hard football fans, congregated at the 1948 NSW store in Shoreditch. Held in conjunction with Ferdinand's Air Force 1 Launch, he came across as both personable and intelligent in a very open question and answer time, a stark contrast to the media portrayal of many modern day proffessional players. He spoke of his love for the game, joked and laughed, signed various bits and pieces, smiled and was consistently polite - I even got him to give my little brother a call and I marvelled as I watched him converse with my delighted 9 year old sibling.

Rio Ferdinand is clearly a bit more than an average footballer, exemplified by the fact that he has been given a shoe by Nike to work with. His shoe is cleanly constructed and uncluttered, the quality of this shoe falling within the detailing - a poignant message on the insole, clean white lines, whilst gold stictching, alongside the golden swoosh, gives the shoe a premium feel. His online magazine '5' also displays the enterprising nature of the man, clearly transferring a powerful winning mentality that he so strongly champions on pitch, to all other areas of his life.

A fantastic opportunity and one that I shall long remember. Thank you to Nike, AKQA and, of course, Mr Ferdinand...

Image taken from here.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Amazing radio

Amazing Radio
is a new radio station located on DAB [in place of the much missed Birdsong channel] and shall solely play songs by unsigned, emerging artists. Read more in my write up on PSFK, here.

Good times.

Image of Master Shortie, one of the many unsigned artists that shall benefit from the exposure of nationwide radio exposure. Taken from here.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Air Yeezy hits London for the third, and final, time...

The hype around the third, and final, installment of the Air Yeezy has already been intense - the huge amount of interest the super-publicized sneaker has garnished is a clear and true reflection of the strength of the Yeezy brand. With news that Size are again receiving a limited run, and that the Yeezys will once again be available from both Niketown and 1948, trainer fiends will undoubtedly be queuing for days beforehand with the hope of laying their grubby mitts on the super limited pieces of footwear.

Having myself just had a close inspection of the final pair earlier this week, I'm impressed by the pure construction of the shoe. The lack of the 'Y' embossed pattern across the strap, alongside the glow in the dark swoosh, and the focal Tan colourway are reasons to get excited alone, whilst the clean white outsole adds a nice finishing touch to the masterpiece.

Available as of this Saturday the 6th of June, expect full blown Yeezy-mania.

Image taken from here. Thanks. Sorry.

Monday, 1 June 2009

72 Rivington Street

72 Rivington Street is a new conceptual space by, and the physical home of, YCN. Providing initiatives, ideas and platforms for emerging talent, YCN have based themselves amongst beautifully designed space in the heart of East London's Shoreditch encampment. Read my write up on PSFK here for more information. Nice.

Images taken from here. Thank you.