Friday, 5 June 2009

Meeting Rio...

I had the great pleasure of being offered the opportunity to meet Rio Ferdinand last Saturday as a crew of hand picked individuals, Nike employees, and die hard football fans, congregated at the 1948 NSW store in Shoreditch. Held in conjunction with Ferdinand's Air Force 1 Launch, he came across as both personable and intelligent in a very open question and answer time, a stark contrast to the media portrayal of many modern day proffessional players. He spoke of his love for the game, joked and laughed, signed various bits and pieces, smiled and was consistently polite - I even got him to give my little brother a call and I marvelled as I watched him converse with my delighted 9 year old sibling.

Rio Ferdinand is clearly a bit more than an average footballer, exemplified by the fact that he has been given a shoe by Nike to work with. His shoe is cleanly constructed and uncluttered, the quality of this shoe falling within the detailing - a poignant message on the insole, clean white lines, whilst gold stictching, alongside the golden swoosh, gives the shoe a premium feel. His online magazine '5' also displays the enterprising nature of the man, clearly transferring a powerful winning mentality that he so strongly champions on pitch, to all other areas of his life.

A fantastic opportunity and one that I shall long remember. Thank you to Nike, AKQA and, of course, Mr Ferdinand...

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