Saturday, 30 May 2009

Desktop art

Once again displaying his fantastic creativity levels, and an ability to create limited, but very sought after, pieces, T.Magic is again duping the recession blues with this series of desktop collectibles. Easily transitioning between large scale, and small scale, canvases, these limited pieces would be an excellent addition to any desk, the bold mantras both motivational and very pretty.

Have a closer inspection here, whilst you can lay your grubby mitts on them here.

Image taken from T.Magic's blog. Pretty.

Friday, 29 May 2009

A Boom Bye Bye Birthday

I'm 19 today, and I've decided to still take time out of my 'busy schedule' to blog. If anyone is around East London tomorrow I'm going to be at Boom Bye Bye on Kingsland Road, Dalston, celebrating my entrance to my final year of teenagedom.

I'm not sure how I feel about it... Perhaps we can discuss it tomorrow...

See you there!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Goldsmiths: Class of 09

I'm off to Goldsmiths this September to study Anthropology and Sociology in what I expect will be three of the best years of my life. It's going to be great...

Image taken from here.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Where there's a will, there's a way...

I'm working my way towards getting a pair of these bad boys... It'll happen, I'll find a way!

Image taken from here.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

The veritable Mr Insa

Check out some of the amazing images and graffiti from the world reknown serial bomber known to the world as Insa. A consistent and immediately recognisable style, Insa's sex based graffed imagery is one of the most common sites to be dotted around many of the world most famous bombing sites, his use of pinks, curvascious lines and high heels a stand out amongst many of the other differing styles of fellow artists. These images are captured in Japan's capital of Tokyo - enjoy here and here.

Check out more of his stuff on his blog...

Friday, 22 May 2009

Approaching milestones and fiendish thoughts

I’m 19 in a week.

It feel strange – I’m growing up yet I’m finding it increasingly difficult to know what motivates me anymore. Less so is it a case that I am unmotivated, but more that I am struggling to tap into the reserves of potential I assume I have pooled beneath my rough exterior. I must move onto the next level. The ‘success’ I have so far achieved is of little standings to those of my heady aspirations – I do not wish to be denied by an all too familiar teenage angst that I’ve seemingly become coerced by, foolishly, naively - deceived by the tantalizing bait of a ‘normal’ existence. Far be it an ideal, normality is only this seductive notion due to my insistent curiosity. That and the coarse views of my peers of whom find me, not only an oddity, but also slightly crazed – spinning my existence between my fingers like a plumber would his hammer. A contoured existence is an acknowledged, regular thing - I’ve said so before - but what I’m continuing to struggle to cope with is the lack of calm; the lack of freedom; an ease in pressure. I can sometimes feel like life is a drawn out conflict, day to day skirmishes beating down upon my fragile mind, body and soul; a regular familiarity, worrying as each impact cranks up the pressure valves that tiny bit more.

I’ve found, as we all do, life is an ordeal, yet it is made all the more excruciating due to my masochistic drive to push myself further, faster and harder than those around me. I‘m driven by the individuals I surround myself with. My goals are all the more unobtainable due to my insistence on comparing myself to others, whilst I could never allow myself to settle – I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, allow myself to stay in one place, competition a constant reminder of my own failings or short comings. I’m motivated by this all – yes. But, as I push myself into an oblivious, hungry, unprecedented existence, I’ve found that success brings with it a level of crushing anguish. I find myself blind to the milestones I pass, my greed insatable, whilst I wearily continue on, stumbling and staggering, towards a goal I shall never reach.

It’s difficult turning emotions and feelings into words, but, my body still wracked with hormones, I use natural highs and lows to help me to express the turgid thoughts that are constantly running around my assault course of a brain. I’m 19 in a week and I stand defiant in the face of the adversity that is day to day living – bring on my nineteenth year and bring on the battle.

Image courtesy of the fantastic Mr Rayn - thanks and sorry I forgot to ask!

The grey Force 1

For all those that have visited any Nike iD studio, it is common knowledge that the most will know sought after, and valuable, kicks are the plain grey inspiration shoes. In fact they are so sought after, I have often unsuccessfully offered a lesser limb in return for a pair but, as is common knowledge, they have never been available to buy, give away or swap for an arm. Until now apparently. As part of the 10th anniversary celebration of Nike iD, Nike are making 105 pairs [worldwide] of the grey Air Force 1 Supreme try-ons available to buy.

The allocation is split three ways, 35 pairs in three locations at 21 Mercer Street New York, the Nike iD Studio London and NSW Tokyo, available as of tomorrow, the 23rd of May.

Image taken from here - thanks.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

So far gone...

Unaware that Drake is still very much unbeknown to so many people, I have also decided to post a link to his first Mixtape, entitled 'So Far Gone', for those who may not have heard it before. A fantastic talent, and one that people shall be talking about for years to come, I can't express how advanced his lyrical flow and content truly is.

Download the mixtape here.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The pop up store with a difference

Open for two weeks in the trendy Newburgh area of central London, is the 143 pop up store in Carnaby Street. Full of beautiful bits and pieces, the space is brought to us by the fantastic collaboration of the creative maestros Silver Spoon Attire and Kate Moross. I’ve done a write up on PSFK so I’ll let you check it out there for further details.

Check out the article here.

Image taken from the 143 site. Thanks guys...

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The talented Mr Drizzy

Remember the name Drake...

I know every blog this side of the net seems to be raving about this particularly talented young man from Toronto, but I can’t help but follow in tandem. Fantastically talented and concise in both his rapping and singing abilities, the young Canadian maestro has created a mixtape a good deal better than most modern day albums. With cameos from Lil Wayne, Trey Songz and Colin Monroe, take a long listen yourself and download the mixtape here – it’s absolutely bloody amazing.

Image taken from here - thanks...

'You've wooed me good...'

I’ve fallen in love, irrevocably. Hard; Harder than I could ever had imagined, the huge cavernous entity that is my heart beating blissfully each and everytime I think of my other half. Separated by an ocean, and lost in the gaping enormity of this world, I feel as though my adoration is futile, yet I strive on regardless.

Ahh New York, you’ve wooed me good; I'm smitten by all those fancy buildings, I swoon at your every mention, and the smell of sizzling fat now sends me into a rapturous delight due to our memories with one another...

On a serious note, I do truly miss New York. I’ve only been there once, and that once was only for a few days, but it was enough to give me the kind cravings usually more associated with crack cocaine than for an occidental city. Perhaps it is because New York was the first break from England, basically London, I had had in three years, but I believe it is because it is one of the most amazing places in the world. Let’s hope I’ll be back sooner rather than later...

Image taken [by myself for once] from the PSFK offices on Broadway...

Monday, 18 May 2009

Jordan Raging Bull pack...

I picked up these bad boys a few days back having originally fallen in love with the whole ‘Toro Bravo’, or 'Raging Bull' pack via Hypebeast. The use of 3M on the upper is what really makes this shoe such a fantastic purchase, and the material, combined with the classic Jordan 5 shape, is what made the shoe a necessary addition to my ever expanding kick collection. The second half of the pack boasts a similarly fantastic material range, the classical deep red of the bulls this time detailed in a red suede that have whipped trainer lovers worldwide into an absolute frenzy - I wait and anticipate.

Get the whole pack here. Nice.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

BBC Blast's big idea...

I was invited down to the BBC Blast interactive studio on Monday to experience their new creative space pre-launch. A fantastic digital art space that is controlled from the comfort of one's own computer, 24 hours a day, starting from noon yesterday, Internet users have the ability to access a digitally interactive creative space via the BBC Blast website that allows one to control a series of machines in the studio from the relative safety of one's own computer. Containing machines such as a series of musical light fittings, a glue gun spraying 3D mold making machine [or something to that effect - trust me, it looks dope], and, my personal favourite, four pumped up automatic paintball guns that can fire up to 120 rounds of hardened paintballs a single second if peaked at full blast, the studio was a digital artist's playground, angled directly at an imaginative, creative mind, whilst the digitally interactive quality is truly an innovational aspect.

I find it staggering that, at the press of a button I have the ability to fire round after round of paintballs into [what was at the time] a blank wall from my own home - seeing the effects real time is surreal yet brilliant, an insight into a future where we can control, and see the affects of many more real time events from the comfort of our couches. Encouraging more young people to get creative, Blast are here proffering a platform to actually 'create' in a fun, different way - they are allowing us to experience the process of creation in a certified installed art space that can be accessed and seen by millions of people, whilst taking the concept of creation through new, unchallenged boundaries.

The team that introduced us to the space was fantastic, a tribute to the work of Colin, Steph and Tim from the 1000heads, whilst the BBC laid on beers and snacks for myself and the other fantastic group of young people who were drafted into visit the studios. We were also introduced to Gemma Cairney of the 1Xtra Breakfast Show, which, having met her partner in crime, the illustrious [notorious even] Mr Trevor Nelson the previous day, was also a huge thing for me. I am extremely appreciative of the BBC for laying on the opportunity be involved with Blast, particularly as it was not only engaging, but also something which I can, and will, take something from. The studio was fantastic, but the opportunity to interact with the actual BBC deeply impressed upon me, something that I not only appreciated greatly, but also impacted upon me on an emotional level. The BBC are one of the brands that are ever present in our British lives - a brand that is so strongly ingrained in our lives that many couldn't imagine a world without them, a brand that will remain a constant due to their interactive and innovative approach – it was an absolutely huge honour to be allowed to be involved.

Check out the website here.

A huge thanks to all involved and who got me involved...

Monday, 11 May 2009

Radio 1's Big Weekend

Having managed to swindle tickets to the Radio 1's Big Weekend, courtesy of the wonderful Sarah-Jane Crawford, I threw myself, head, feet and fist first, into the festival spirit, as the BBC pulled out all the stops to provide all who attended with the very best experience possible. Boasting a fittingly fantastic line up that included the wonderfully talented Neyo, Snow Patrol, Dizzee Rascal, Daniel Merriweather, the notorious Prodigy, Chase and Status, Lily Allen, The Gossip, Basement Jaxx and N Dubz to name a few, the event was always going to be a brilliant coming together of eclectic music, people and atmospheres alike. With around 40,000 people attending over both the Saturday and Sunday, the weekend really was one of the best I have yet to experience, the combination of fantastic music, brilliant people and a pseudo backstage pass culminating in a head banging, fist punching, sweat dripping, rave-out to some of the best musical acts the world has to offer. Surrounded by, and even interacting with, some of my childhood heroes was a highlight, but it was the gritty festival atmosphere that really had me swooning candidly to the brilliance of the BBC as I was once again reminded of how great live music, in a vibrant atmosphere, really is.

The multitude of eclectic sounds, smells and sights was an explosive impact upon my senses, as, wooed by the delightfully deep drafts of fizzing fried foods that wafted across the park, I strode and swaggered around the tents, buzzing giddily to the constant bass that steadily shook the fielded space around me. Dizzee Rascal’s Bonkerswas only upstaged by Skream’s remixed rendition of La Rouxs 'In for the kill' as the anthem of the festival, though it took for the brilliant duo of Chase and Status to truly take the crowd to the next level of Drum and Bass induced hysteria. Dizzee Rascal was a stand out performer, yet so was the similarly talented Bashy who, on a smaller stage admittedly, displayed why his talent, energy and focus will take him as far in the game as, if not further than, the boy from Bow E3. Beth Ditto of the Gossip was a highlight - her crazy, outrageous spirit brought about a similar reaction from the crowd, whilst her infectious attitude, toned lyrical prowess and fabulously contentious style of the woman beamed her crazed, yet wonderfully talented aura and personality down from the stage like a beacon. The Live Lounge in the enclosed space of the festival was a fantastic idea by the Radio 1 team as, in smaller, enclosed surroundings, a compact crowd was given the fantastic opportunity to get close and personal with many of the stars that would otherwise have been as distant as a dustied poster bluetacked to a bedroom wall.

Being Europe’s largest free ticketed event, the BBC provided music to suit all tastes and all peoples, supporting huge stars at the top such as Akon and Kelly Rowland, to the break through artists making their way up the ladder such as Master Shortie and Wretch 32 – the weekend was a culmination of brilliant music, minds and management, a display of the BBC’s fantastic influence and affluence; hard work and determination; support and liberality. They may come in for a fair bit of stick, but they sure as hell know how to throw a party – bring on festival season and thank you to the kind folks at the BBC.

Image taken from here - sorry...

Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Trapstar x A.In.T party

United again through their most recent collaboration, Trapstar and A.IN.T are throwing a party to display their appreciation of the impressive support they both received at the recent Reset event. Not only did they both sell their wares extremely well over the bank holiday weekend, but they were also inundated with the kind of support that makes what both brands are doing, such a meaningful endeavor. With a DJ line up including Acyde, No Bizzi and Seb Chew, and a venue located in the heart of London's west end, the party looks like it will be a huge success and one that will justly sound the brands appreciation - it's good that they're giving something back to those that have supported both the brands throughout the years. Nice.

More info here.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wrigley's 5?

Whilst bathing in the sunshine of a glorious Saturday afternoon in 1948's spacious courtyard, and as I perused all the pretty people, clothes and sneakers, I was thrown a small, solid cardboard box by one of the WAH girls. On closer inspection I found the box to contain Wrigley’s gum - not just any old Wrigley’s gum I hasten to add, but Wrigley's 5, possibly the best gum I have ever chewed upon in my life. Not only was the gum flavoursome and attractively aromatic, but also long lasting too - unheard of in all current products to my knowledge. The general branding of Wrigley’s 5 is more reminiscent of Lynx [Axe] than of the company that created Juicy Fruit and Extra, though it displays the positive direction of their brand with what is clearly going to be an extremely successful venture for the corporation in this country.

Sometimes you've just got to pay homage to a truly great product and Wrigley's 5 is most definitely that...

Image taken from here - thanks, sorry.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The success of The Reset weekend...

The Reset weekend was, without doubt, a huge success. All the involved brands benefited from their participation as they earned money, promoted themselves and learnt from the experience of the encounter with other creative individuals and brands alike. Not only do I expect all brands to display radical improvement due to The Reset, but I also see them collaborating, expanding and pushing themselves further - competition fuels innovation and, though all brands involved were impressive, it was Trapstar who really set the place alight. On the Saturday, as people lined up, buzzing with expectancy ahead of the release of the black Yeezy, a separate queue stood waiting, not just for The Reset, or for the shoe launch, but for one brand in particular - Trapstar.

The Trapstar team were barely given time to restock throughout the event, so high was the demand for their wares. This was of no surprise - apart from being one of the longest serving brands, Trapstar also put the work, money and time into the promotion of the event, releasing several one offs, exclusive pieces, and re releases just for the weekend, whilst using the web as a medium to inform people of their endeavors. Second Son were also a shining beacon of professionalism, their stall a medley of relevant bits and bobs, their personal identity beaming through in everything that they did. It would be fair to say that they were the brands that truly set the pace, though all were impressive, as each and every brand clocked up sales and garnished added support during the busy hustle and bustle of the bank holiday weekend.

It was clear throughout that The Reset was not only a huge event for the future of the involved brands but also a huge boost for the street wear scene as a whole. Packaged as a savior of the scene, with Jude, the event organiser, regularly being referred to as ‘streetwear’s Obama’ due to this, The Reset displayed the affections people still hold for the industry, the success of the brands showing that streetwear is, and will long be, a constant in the urban realm. I don't think the event went as far as to say it 'saved streetwear', but it did go far in assuring those doubters that the industry is far from dead and buried. With rumour on the street indicating that the next event is being scheduled for late summer, I, alongside many other streetwear lovers, shall be waiting anxiously for the return of The Reset.

With big thanks to Jude, Acyde, Mubi and the brilliant 1948 team. Image taken from here courtesy of Mr Matt, thanks...

Monday, 4 May 2009

I got me some Yeezys...

My regular pessimism unabated, I genuinely did not think the second instalment of the Yeezy would find themselves in my footwear collection - alas I was wrong and, due to the gratuitous generosity of Nike, I managed to lay hands upon a pair. Now much have been made of these kicks and I can genuinely see why - apart from being magnificently constructed, the smooth and strong contours of the sneaker is wonderful to behold, whilst the glow in the dark outsole subtly carries the shoe into a new stratosphere of a starstruck sneakerdom. Stunning to behold and comfortable to wear, the Yeezy is truly a fantastic item of footwear, the black/pink colourway the best of them all.

Feedback from the shoe hasn't all been as positive however. Having thrown the controversy raising question out there on the day of the trainers release, I asked my Facebook friends what they thought of the sneakers - opinion was split to say the least:

‘Butters. Too much hype.’

‘Suck ass.’

‘They’re aite. Nothing special...’

‘They’re aite, but a lot of hype for something new, though new doesn't always mean good... I mean I like bits of the shoe but im not 100% on the entire shoe - give me a few more days...’

‘Shit wrapped in more shit.’

‘Just pure hype...’

‘I dont think they work for everyone, they did a much better job on the LV's - that shape is much more versatile, especially for the ladies. The Yeezy's are just not sexy, kind of like wearing a mini tractor on your feet… Some boys can rock 'em, if they got that street swag...'

‘Space Boots.’

‘Sheeeeeeet they're peng.’

‘Harder than Ed Hard on’

Regardless to all the criticism it has come under, the shoe is quite clearly both very popular and extremely sought after, with some selling for anything up to £700 on ebay - you'll be sure to never see mine on the worlds busiest marketplace however. Expect to see me rocking round London in my Yeezy’s, a baggy tee and with my trousers tucked neatly into my socks... Nice.

A special thanks to Acyde, Mubi and the 1948 team - ya'll great!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Mr Bish Bash Bosh

Love this amazing video from the one and only Bashy - check out his blog here, and keep an ear out for his new work. The video is amazing and so is the concept behind how it is marketing both himself and his album. I'm a huge fan. Nice.

Image taken from here. Sorry. Thanks.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Gullyver vs Nonsense

Bank holiday weekend is always a big occasion, generally one that permits for drinking in access and debaucherous behavior [whilst blaming it on the alchohol, of course]. This bank holiday weekend promises to be no different, as, with temperatures reaching heights of a predicted 20 degrees, London shall once again be swooned into a lapsidasicle bank holiday spirit. Saturday eve however promises to offer something to the more active members of our busied community. With the London night sure to resound to a corus of revellery from all four of its corners, Cordy House shall be home to, not only one of the best nights the capital has to offer, but also the after party for The Reset event - be there or be square!

More information to be snatched at from here.

Image taken from the site - pardon.