Thursday, 16 April 2009


The UK street wear scene is fed up. Sales are down, shops are shutting and they are generally feeling hard done by... But they aren't going to take it lying down. Some of the UK's best 'Young Gun' brands are rallying together in an attempt to do something about the slump and, in conjunction with Nike, they have given birth to Reset. A fantastic initiative that brings together the influence of Nike with the floundering mid-recession street wear industry [brands such as Trapstar, Second Son and A.IN.T are amongst the ten involved], Nike has offered an opportunity for UK street wear to be showcased in grandeur settings - the 1948 store on Batemans Row a fitting home for the urban mix of clothing that shall set up shop over the 2nd and 3rd of May. By bringing together fledgling and more established brands alike, it offers both excellent exposure and an opportunity to buck the current credit crunch blues. With exclusive deadstock items and exclusives only available at the event, Reset is working towards instilling a new, reinvigorated energy back into the industry and good luck to them. I'm 100% behind all brands involved, and it will be one of the events of the year, so make sure that you all get down to the store - it will be well worth the trip, no doubt.

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the real slim shady said...

most of the shittest brands in the UK under one roof... great idea!

Whathehelle Fontenelle said...

Well what brands would you suggest? It'll be good, there is enough of a mix to suggest that it will be one of the better street wear initiatives London has seen in a minute. Plus it wouldn't be the same if it was full of very established brands. What would you suggest?

the real slim shady said...

THERE ARE NO UK BRANDS DOING ANYTHING RIGHT NOW! just because its british dont mean its worth putting them in. there are no brands in there with any direction or future plans except for cassette playa, carrie has really done well. the rest are just waaaaack as fuck. trapstar? that alone ruins the line up.

Solomon Molotov said...

People voted with there hard earned and increasingly scarce pound coins and thats the vote that counts.

Trapstar would not even exist if it was not wanted.
as for being "Wack as fuck" as you so eloquently phrased it.

Take your girlfriend, your sister and your mother down to YoYo on a thursday evening and see if one or most likely all 3 leave with one of the those people dressed by a brand with...

"no future plans or direction" .

What is your craft?
What have you put out recently thats outsold Trapstar?
When did you create a movement?

In London you Go Hard or you Go Home and you never disrespect other peoples Hustle on a keyboard at home.

To paraphrase my previous sentiments, Simply do not buy it!.

Oh and have a nice day you little keyboard gangster.

Solomon Molotov.