Saturday, 18 April 2009

Miss PC's tees

Leading up to her involvement in the exciting Reset project, aspiring designer, socialite and east end princess Patricia Williams [aka PC Williams] is releasing the first few pieces from her forthcoming collection. With some of the most influential young women in the creative scene placed carefully upon white tees, Williams has dedicated each print to four women in four individual areas of the creative field - to art, music, make up and styling, with a medley of wonderfully talented young creatives cleanly centered on the white backdrop. Focusing on the positive attributes, and the talent within, the creative arena, Williams has brought added attention to the brilliance of the females within the industry, which ties in nicely into her work with WAH magazine. I wish her all the best, and, as one of the most determined young women I know, she is destined to be a success.

Find the tees here and check out her blog here.


P.C. WILLIAMS said...

awwwwwwwwwwww T!! thats like the cutest thing, ever said about me, ever! Bless you sweetie! You know its allllllllllllllll love....Reset's gonna be big, working on my cut n sew stuff now and boy....thats all i gotta say about that XXxx

Anonymous said...

"influential young women in the creative scene"

your going a bit far now. none of them ladies do anything influential except maybe suz (and i stress on MAYBE)

t's are rubbish in all honesty 20bar for a t with a picture of some one with a fake title ok.

topshop 2 white t's for £10 > > > > > > donuts eating cop williams

i await the cut and sew stuff hopefully thats a lot better. said...

love ur blog here for latest fashion updates said...

useful it ....want to know what is fashion