Saturday, 7 March 2009

We Ain't Hoes!

Check out the newly constructed WAH Magazine website, as the girls have cut no corners in making the site as brilliant as the concept behind it. WAH magazine [which I recently found out stood for We Ain't Hoes] is the lovechild of stylist and consultant supremo Sharmadean Reid, who felt that the female population of London deserved recognition and a voice - a proper and real female orientated space to talk about their ambitions, aspirations and achievements. WAH, I have come to realise, is about empowering women [Coca-Cola listen the fuck up], as the success of females can be somewhat over looked in many male dominated industries. Reid and WAH are working against this masculine sexist mentality, striking an aggressively feminist stance as she and her team of some of the most brilliant bright [extremely pretty] young things work to make sure that the magazine remains a sonorous success.

Check out the new website here.

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