Monday, 9 March 2009

The Dilemma of Mr Matt Mason

I'm currently reading one of the most brilliant books I have ever read in my life [and trust me I've read a lot of books], after it came highly recommended by Ruby and I managed to prise it away from the grasp of Roxy [ok, ok we swapped books]. I'm currently easing my way through Matt Mason's brilliant anthropological analysis of youth culture in society 'The Pirates Dilemma'. It is about 'how hackers, punk capitalists and graffiti millionaires are remixing our culture and changing the world' and is truly one of the most informative, interesting pieces of factual literature that I have ever had the pleasure of perusing, subconsciously placing Mason as giddily high in my esteem as his fellow geniuses Malcolm Gladwell and Stephen Fry. The book has been around since last spring, yet for those of you who haven't heard of the brilliant Mr Mason, don't be alarmed, or feel that surreptitious twang of annoyance that most people get when they don't know something. As an ex pirate DJ for a clandescent London based radio station, he is is remarkably adept at staying beneath the ranging radar. Upon leaving the pirate DJ lifestyle behind him, Mason since went on to craft a creative career in journalism, becoming editor in chief for seminal London based magazine RWD and writing for a number of publications across the world. A famous journalist he may be, but the real genius of the man lies in the messages he so successfully portrays...

Mason is the kind of writer that reminds you of how far exactly one can go with the right mentality and work ethic, displaying how individuals can forge their own path through this turbulently tumultuous world, without having to conform to the wicked whims of society. Hugely inspiring and progressively breath taking, Mason takes pirate culture to the masses, using a science that is universal and regardless of age whether you be 14 or 40, whilst enforcing a fervent focus on aspiration, creating and the act of Doing It Yourself.

Read the damn book if you haven't already - get it here!

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