Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Air Yeezy invades London once again...

So, two days before they hit stores worldwide, the anticipation leading up to the release of the second [and possibly best] colourway of the Nike Air Yeezy has hit fever pitch - people are travelling the length and width of the country in a concerted effort to obtain the extremely exclusive sneakers as, armed with added layers, tents and emergency provisions, they prepare to wage war upon Nike retail spots. 1948 and Size are the two retailers that are stocking the highly sought after [and expensive] sneakers and, as tens, potentially hundreds, lay seige to the stores, similar scenes are sure to be found across the globe. From Amsterdam, to Tokyo, to New York, to LA, Air Yeezy hype has raised the bar, the success of the trainer a well documented global phenomenon and one that shan't be abaited by the general lack of access to the rare trainers. Nike's move to not only collaborate with Kanye West, but to also give him creative control, has paid dividends - his eccentricity a small price to pay for the originality and genius that has allowed for the creation of such a successful shoe.

The kicks will be available from Nike's 1948 store in Shoreditch and Size Carnaby Street as of this Saturday the 1st of May - good luck to the fair few who lay their grubby mitts on them, they will be well worth the long, cold wait.

Picture taken from here - merci beaucoup.