Friday, 1 May 2009

Gullyver vs Nonsense

Bank holiday weekend is always a big occasion, generally one that permits for drinking in access and debaucherous behavior [whilst blaming it on the alchohol, of course]. This bank holiday weekend promises to be no different, as, with temperatures reaching heights of a predicted 20 degrees, London shall once again be swooned into a lapsidasicle bank holiday spirit. Saturday eve however promises to offer something to the more active members of our busied community. With the London night sure to resound to a corus of revellery from all four of its corners, Cordy House shall be home to, not only one of the best nights the capital has to offer, but also the after party for The Reset event - be there or be square!

More information to be snatched at from here.

Image taken from the site - pardon.

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But don't watch that!