Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wrigley's 5?

Whilst bathing in the sunshine of a glorious Saturday afternoon in 1948's spacious courtyard, and as I perused all the pretty people, clothes and sneakers, I was thrown a small, solid cardboard box by one of the WAH girls. On closer inspection I found the box to contain Wrigley’s gum - not just any old Wrigley’s gum I hasten to add, but Wrigley's 5, possibly the best gum I have ever chewed upon in my life. Not only was the gum flavoursome and attractively aromatic, but also long lasting too - unheard of in all current products to my knowledge. The general branding of Wrigley’s 5 is more reminiscent of Lynx [Axe] than of the company that created Juicy Fruit and Extra, though it displays the positive direction of their brand with what is clearly going to be an extremely successful venture for the corporation in this country.

Sometimes you've just got to pay homage to a truly great product and Wrigley's 5 is most definitely that...

Image taken from here - thanks, sorry.


Muzikality said...

Lol yay glad u posted this coz 2day someone gave me gum n i was like "sum1 have me some special amazin gum the otha day n i cannot rememba who, i want mooore" n it was YOU, the orange one of these??? Where do u get theeem babe???

Captain Ninjastah said...

i need 2 go dentist!