Tuesday, 12 May 2009

BBC Blast's big idea...

I was invited down to the BBC Blast interactive studio on Monday to experience their new creative space pre-launch. A fantastic digital art space that is controlled from the comfort of one's own computer, 24 hours a day, starting from noon yesterday, Internet users have the ability to access a digitally interactive creative space via the BBC Blast website that allows one to control a series of machines in the studio from the relative safety of one's own computer. Containing machines such as a series of musical light fittings, a glue gun spraying 3D mold making machine [or something to that effect - trust me, it looks dope], and, my personal favourite, four pumped up automatic paintball guns that can fire up to 120 rounds of hardened paintballs a single second if peaked at full blast, the studio was a digital artist's playground, angled directly at an imaginative, creative mind, whilst the digitally interactive quality is truly an innovational aspect.

I find it staggering that, at the press of a button I have the ability to fire round after round of paintballs into [what was at the time] a blank wall from my own home - seeing the effects real time is surreal yet brilliant, an insight into a future where we can control, and see the affects of many more real time events from the comfort of our couches. Encouraging more young people to get creative, Blast are here proffering a platform to actually 'create' in a fun, different way - they are allowing us to experience the process of creation in a certified installed art space that can be accessed and seen by millions of people, whilst taking the concept of creation through new, unchallenged boundaries.

The team that introduced us to the space was fantastic, a tribute to the work of Colin, Steph and Tim from the 1000heads, whilst the BBC laid on beers and snacks for myself and the other fantastic group of young people who were drafted into visit the studios. We were also introduced to Gemma Cairney of the 1Xtra Breakfast Show, which, having met her partner in crime, the illustrious [notorious even] Mr Trevor Nelson the previous day, was also a huge thing for me. I am extremely appreciative of the BBC for laying on the opportunity be involved with Blast, particularly as it was not only engaging, but also something which I can, and will, take something from. The studio was fantastic, but the opportunity to interact with the actual BBC deeply impressed upon me, something that I not only appreciated greatly, but also impacted upon me on an emotional level. The BBC are one of the brands that are ever present in our British lives - a brand that is so strongly ingrained in our lives that many couldn't imagine a world without them, a brand that will remain a constant due to their interactive and innovative approach – it was an absolutely huge honour to be allowed to be involved.

Check out the website here.

A huge thanks to all involved and who got me involved...

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