Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The success of The Reset weekend...

The Reset weekend was, without doubt, a huge success. All the involved brands benefited from their participation as they earned money, promoted themselves and learnt from the experience of the encounter with other creative individuals and brands alike. Not only do I expect all brands to display radical improvement due to The Reset, but I also see them collaborating, expanding and pushing themselves further - competition fuels innovation and, though all brands involved were impressive, it was Trapstar who really set the place alight. On the Saturday, as people lined up, buzzing with expectancy ahead of the release of the black Yeezy, a separate queue stood waiting, not just for The Reset, or for the shoe launch, but for one brand in particular - Trapstar.

The Trapstar team were barely given time to restock throughout the event, so high was the demand for their wares. This was of no surprise - apart from being one of the longest serving brands, Trapstar also put the work, money and time into the promotion of the event, releasing several one offs, exclusive pieces, and re releases just for the weekend, whilst using the web as a medium to inform people of their endeavors. Second Son were also a shining beacon of professionalism, their stall a medley of relevant bits and bobs, their personal identity beaming through in everything that they did. It would be fair to say that they were the brands that truly set the pace, though all were impressive, as each and every brand clocked up sales and garnished added support during the busy hustle and bustle of the bank holiday weekend.

It was clear throughout that The Reset was not only a huge event for the future of the involved brands but also a huge boost for the street wear scene as a whole. Packaged as a savior of the scene, with Jude, the event organiser, regularly being referred to as ‘streetwear’s Obama’ due to this, The Reset displayed the affections people still hold for the industry, the success of the brands showing that streetwear is, and will long be, a constant in the urban realm. I don't think the event went as far as to say it 'saved streetwear', but it did go far in assuring those doubters that the industry is far from dead and buried. With rumour on the street indicating that the next event is being scheduled for late summer, I, alongside many other streetwear lovers, shall be waiting anxiously for the return of The Reset.

With big thanks to Jude, Acyde, Mubi and the brilliant 1948 team. Image taken from here courtesy of Mr Matt, thanks...

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