Monday, 4 May 2009

I got me some Yeezys...

My regular pessimism unabated, I genuinely did not think the second instalment of the Yeezy would find themselves in my footwear collection - alas I was wrong and, due to the gratuitous generosity of Nike, I managed to lay hands upon a pair. Now much have been made of these kicks and I can genuinely see why - apart from being magnificently constructed, the smooth and strong contours of the sneaker is wonderful to behold, whilst the glow in the dark outsole subtly carries the shoe into a new stratosphere of a starstruck sneakerdom. Stunning to behold and comfortable to wear, the Yeezy is truly a fantastic item of footwear, the black/pink colourway the best of them all.

Feedback from the shoe hasn't all been as positive however. Having thrown the controversy raising question out there on the day of the trainers release, I asked my Facebook friends what they thought of the sneakers - opinion was split to say the least:

‘Butters. Too much hype.’

‘Suck ass.’

‘They’re aite. Nothing special...’

‘They’re aite, but a lot of hype for something new, though new doesn't always mean good... I mean I like bits of the shoe but im not 100% on the entire shoe - give me a few more days...’

‘Shit wrapped in more shit.’

‘Just pure hype...’

‘I dont think they work for everyone, they did a much better job on the LV's - that shape is much more versatile, especially for the ladies. The Yeezy's are just not sexy, kind of like wearing a mini tractor on your feet… Some boys can rock 'em, if they got that street swag...'

‘Space Boots.’

‘Sheeeeeeet they're peng.’

‘Harder than Ed Hard on’

Regardless to all the criticism it has come under, the shoe is quite clearly both very popular and extremely sought after, with some selling for anything up to £700 on ebay - you'll be sure to never see mine on the worlds busiest marketplace however. Expect to see me rocking round London in my Yeezy’s, a baggy tee and with my trousers tucked neatly into my socks... Nice.

A special thanks to Acyde, Mubi and the 1948 team - ya'll great!