Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Air Yeezy hits London for the third, and final, time...

The hype around the third, and final, installment of the Air Yeezy has already been intense - the huge amount of interest the super-publicized sneaker has garnished is a clear and true reflection of the strength of the Yeezy brand. With news that Size are again receiving a limited run, and that the Yeezys will once again be available from both Niketown and 1948, trainer fiends will undoubtedly be queuing for days beforehand with the hope of laying their grubby mitts on the super limited pieces of footwear.

Having myself just had a close inspection of the final pair earlier this week, I'm impressed by the pure construction of the shoe. The lack of the 'Y' embossed pattern across the strap, alongside the glow in the dark swoosh, and the focal Tan colourway are reasons to get excited alone, whilst the clean white outsole adds a nice finishing touch to the masterpiece.

Available as of this Saturday the 6th of June, expect full blown Yeezy-mania.

Image taken from here. Thanks. Sorry.