Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Sydney Awesome Challenge | Task One | Diary

I've taken time to keep a bit of a diary in terms of structuring my thought process around ideas, inspirations and so forth. Well aware that this is a competition, perhaps I should be more cautious... But then again I've always wanted to keep a diary of sorts [I realise a blog falls under the broad term of 'diary of sorts'...]:

My train of thought over this first brief was a tad erratic [to say the least]. Combining my own drudging work schedule with my lack of time management skills, I left it to a frenzied weekend of partying, pretty girls and the occasional binge upon assorted alcoholic beverages to inspire, and to set aflame to, the creative qualities necessary for me to adeptly compete in this first showdown task. Impressive then that I managed to think up anything at all. The lack of ingenuity within my idea [by my reckoning at least] is something I would possibly blame upon misdirection by a bunch of New Zealanders on Friday evening – truly unhelpful bastards – and a parade of pretty Australian girls who only managed to distract me from the task at hand.

That being said, and though I now associate Australia [well Brisbane at least] with tanned skin and long legs, I am personally not unhappy with the fruit of my limited imagination. Deciding not to focus on a generic sport, I wished to utilise the raw materials that were at hand within my environment, whilst coming up with something both engaging to watch and participate in – that, I quickly learnt, was the beauty of Sydney cricket – without digressing too far from the sport . I started this task how I would when tasked with sculpting, and went about collecting [in my notebook at least] the raw materials I had at my disposal, already with a resemblance of a direction stored discretely within the memory banks of my brain. It was difficult however to bring about these different bits and pieces of ideas - I initially struggled to formulate anything tangible – but this was, of course, until I started working on making the ideas come to life and, with the help of a long legged, sun kissed, Brisbane born lady or four I managed to make something happen.

In terms of outreach, my only involvement I directly aimed at ‘my community’ was to let fly a few emails, tweet a tad and to make sure that I was allowed to use certain more creatively inclined members of my network in future tasks. I have yet to blog about the project, but this first task has proven to me that I must bring in as many people as is possible, thus, for the next task, I shall have the full force of my friendship groups, work buddies and assorted associates behind me so I can not only win, but win in the crushing kind of manner that would be befitting of a Jabba the Hut type character, or one of those awful American wrestling fellows. Nice.

Image taken from here. Cheers. Oh and yes that is Sydney too!

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