Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Sydney Awesome Challenge | Task Two | Diary

Second week, and the second task, 1000 Heads and NSW Tourism are keeping us on our toes - here's a little diary of the second task and how it went:

Having got to grips with this task far better than the previous one [I like to think I’ve got myself in to some sort of a routine] my typically late admission [hell I’m busy], was more to do with pulling together pretty documents than having my idea in on time. I refuse to present my idea in an any less grandeur manner than I would any other piece of work, hence the longwinded, if rather pretty, document [again].

I quickly deduced that this task was as much about the research, insights and the mood board leading up to the final product
, and quickly set about garnishing support from the several forward fashion thinking individuals that litter my several social applications, with the enormity of the task somewhat relieved by the fantastic help I got from my network, whether it was the guys over at seminal fashion magazine Super Super [cheers Jayga], or my supporters on my Facebook group and Twitter.

There was a quiet expectation bubbling up to this task, with several grandeur ideas being thrown around, several surrounding the creation of an outfit I had come up with. I even had a designer lined up and looking for material, but, alas, time was not on my side, and, without wanting to be obscenely late, I chose a different route to present my ideas – namely pretty pictures, a few choice outfits and perhaps a descriptive line or two. My heads still been a tad mushy I’ve got to say, possibly because I’ve been trying to juggle far too much for an ordinary human being to even attempt to entertain – I’m most definitely ordinary and I’ve found that the juggling balls are dropping to the floor quicker than I had hoped

I’ve got my blogging game back on and I’m now in full flow attempting to reach as many people as possible, whilst bringing people into contribute towards my involvement. I’ve attempted to begin a little Twitter movement, jumping on the back of Elle’s #sendmetosydney tagging, whilst I’ve kicked off a Facebook group that is around 150 strong all supportive and ever eager to help. It’s good to know I’ve got people supporting me, I’m not sure whether I’d get through this without the support and kind words of my associates, friends and assorted member of ‘my community’...

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