Friday, 14 August 2009

Sydney Awesome Challenge | Task Two | Brief

Right so the second brief is up and this one's a toughie. Focusing on fashion, the challenge requires the creation of a Sydney inspired outfit, moving away from the archaic look of khaki and corks to a much more modern look at Sydney.

'Week 2 is all about fashion. We want your take on Sydney as a style mecca, rather than the age old cliche of cork-hanging hats and drizabones. Basically, we're asking you to create an outfit that screams 'I'm all about Sydney'. Whether it's inspired by Collette Dinnigan frick, or some particularly eye-catching Hot Tuna beachwear, mock it up in whatever way you fancy... Hand-stitched, elegantly sketched or charity shop purchased - it's up to you!'

I've already got more than enough of an idea of where to take this, as I've long been a follower of Sydney fashion [thank you Sneaker Freaker!] but I'll need help refining the ideas and working on my final outcome. Get involved, I want to give you the bloody tickets for f*cks sake!

Good times.

Image taken from the Yeezy Sydney launch.


Urban Articulations said...

I read this and thought:

I have no idea why. What do they wear down under anyway? I don't think Neighbours and Home & Away are a good point of reference.

Whathehelle Fontenelle said...

Ha lol it's not - nice suggestion bro, I went down the rather extravagant route in the end - will post asap said...

love ur blog here for latest fashion updates said...

useful it ....want to know what is fashion