Sunday, 21 December 2008

Kanye West x Mache x Nike

Browsing through T.Magic's blog I happened across these marvellous creations by the creative customising force of footwear artist Mache. A combination of the now infamous suit worn by Kanye and the graphical input of artist Kaws who contributes to his album artwork, the end result is a convergence of the worlds of fashion, art, animation, hip hop and holy sneakerdom. Nice, nice, nice and indeed brilliantly formed, Mache displays all his talents and more, as his elegant Air Forces tap into the recent, ever-hyped subject of popular culture, although the huge influence Mr West - 808’s, heartbreaks, et al - has upon today’s young, aspiring hipsters, cannot be underestimated. Make sure you check out more of Mache’s customs, he is quite brilliant.

Images stolen from here.


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Whathehelle Fontenelle said...

I know, I thought you would like 'em!! Gwan drop these beauties on your blog, they deserve all the coverage they can get!