Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A quick quote from Russell Brand...

Russell Brand is a legend - read this below from his recent article...

‘Those people who predict the corporate future and commercial trends say that current global economic insecurity will lead to men growing beards to hide behind. I don't know what industry would fund that research as I don't see how you can make money out of men growing beards. Beard products? What, like beard dyes and beard beads? That'll never take off. Or just making other unrelated products appear more beard friendly, like cars with tiny beard scissors or thinner sandwiches that don't tarnish moustaches. Plus impotence is due to soar; this financial decline is nurturing a planet of vim-less Brian Blesseds strutting around, all nervous, knowing there's nothing down their trousers.’

Brilliant, absolutely bloody brilliant.

Yes the man is an absolute genius and an avid inspiration of whom I base my own writing technique upon quite ardently - I am unashamedly captivated with his uncaring, whimsical flirtation, and caught up in his eccentric, slightly feminine, ever so bizarrely barmy, British style of witty writing. I gush at his every declaration, drool at each and every crafty connotation, and lust for each trivial turn of phrase. The lanky lothario’s sexy, saavy and swooning, yet sharply structured, sentences and enticingly teasing literature style is something that I am endeavoring to bring to my own technique, though at the cost of forfeiting much semblance of an argument - well hell, you can’t have it all can you?

Check out Brand’s articles here and this is where the above image was stolen from (like a thief in the night). Nice

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Anonymous said...

I love Russell Brand! He is so witty!