Thursday, 4 December 2008

Happy Birthday Patricia

I somehow managed to drag myself from the perennial warmth of my home, and then through the bitter biting cold to Vortex, Dalston, last night to celebrate with my esteemed friend, and inspid inspiration, the lady Patricia William, for her 23rd birthday. And she celebrated in style on a night that was so alcohol induced, one could get inebriated from the fumes alone – cheap drinks, good music and great people all catered for an excellent atmosphere, befit of the east end queen. Happy birthday Patricia!


Jervis said...

sounds like ya'll had fun

kech_kicks said... it was!! Laurence gives me joke...looks like he was enjoying that rice &

Whathehelle Fontenelle said...

Lol for real!

P.C. WILLIAMS said...

Awwww!!! Thanks Tarik! It was a wicked birthday i have to admit...and your stories in the diner the morning after made it so much better! Xx