Sunday, 30 November 2008

Roll Deep vs the BNP

Going back to the issues in my recent piece on the BNP earlier this month, I was recently shocked by this portion of marketing mischief from the jolly boys from Bow E3. Much like Dizzee Rascal’s outlandish outing on the BBC’s Newsnight a few weeks back, Roll Deep have let down the side for the young, British and black. The video stands for the right things – an attempt by the many members of the motley mob to bring essential awareness to anti race hate campaigns – yet it is being carried about in the completely wrong fashion. As the video is playing, the names and areas of several people off of the leaked BNP list scroll across the bottom; a total display of indifference to the privacy of these individuals. Roll Deep are in a fortunate position where they can make an actual difference - they are in a position where what they say will be heard, will be acted upon, will be an inspiration - and it makes my blood burn, bubble then boil when I see these opportunities wasted. And for what? A cheap shot at a few blushing BNP members which affects nothing, no one and nowhere. Roll Deep have made the video about the fact that they believe these people to be racist - it shouldn’t be about whether these people are or aren’t racist, it should be about taking a unyielding position against what the party stands for. There are certain ways of dealing with issues; making a music video that basically digresses into schoolyard cussing, is, unfortunately for Roll Deep, not one of them.

Image taken from here. And with thanks to RWD for the heads up.

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