Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Royal Festival Hall

Having had lunch with my maverick mentor Yemisi Blake, he decided to show me around his place of work - the illustrious Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank, and it's impressive, if slightly daunting, auditorium. The centre has stood since post war Britain and has been home to an art based culture from the giddy get go. Originally created to host the Festival of Britain in an audacious attempt by the then government to restore the nations jollity after the damage of the war, the space has since been put to prominent use as, what is now, a world famous arts and culture venue. The Royal Festival Hall also plays host to a number of stages, a bar, a shop and comfortable seating areas, useful as it is all WiFi accessible and, as the hall is public space, is all absolutely accessible to everyone and anyone. Filled with arty types chatting constructive culture and business folk hosting meetings on the plush settees, it is a great place to relax, work and generally be productive, and best of all they don’t turn there noses up at you, or indeed turn you away, because you’re a kid (always a bonus in these big ol’, shiny, important looking buildings). Get down there one afternoon, it’s well nice.

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yemisiblake said...

Hey Tarik,

Loving the blog posts bro.
Glad you liked the Royal Festival Hall.
See you soon,