Friday, 9 January 2009

The insomniac...

Ok I can’t take it any more - I’m a self professed insomniac. I have come to the end of my particularly short tether with the whole concept of sleeping, especially as my actual sleeping pattern is more in tune with New York than it is with London at this not so merry moment in time (my head hurts). I need a bloody remedy - what is one to do? I like sleep just as much as the next man, so why is it that my body literally disallows me to slumber until it hits 6 o’flippin clock every single day for the past 2 months? It’s past a bloody joke now, especially as I’ll have work in the morning and there will be precious time to rest (it’s a Friday after all). Attempting to complete my UCAS application alongside several late night phone calls (you know who you are) haven’t aided my plight, though once the stress and strain of UCAS is over, I’m sure I shall be able to recapture a conducive sleeping cycle. This is as close to a blathering raving rant as you shall ever read upon these pages, but it’s late and I need to do something productive with my time. I hope you're having a good night’s sleep – I know I’m bloody well not.

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Mademoiselle said...

4am is ten times better than 8am! so i think sacrificing the late morning for the extremely early is a good move.

who knows-maybe we're part vampire?...I know that your a keen biter!!

jeffhahn said...

Ugh I know what you mean - I was like that the past 3 months in London.. actually most days I wouldn't be able to sleep til 6am so I would decide to stay up so that the next night I'd be dead tired... come the next night I'm dead tired and still cant sleep til the early AM... fucked up!