Sunday, 4 January 2009

Dazed & Confused teen edition

Dazed & Confused's most recent edition is all based around the British youth, the myths surrounding them and the talented, brilliant young people of this great nation. With a look at young creatives, teen entrepreneurs and just the average kids off of the street, it is well worth purchasing and having a good old read - it's a huge regret that I didn't get involved in this edition of a magazine that, to this day, is still one of my absolute favourite reads - I love its creative concoction of captured class, style and British sensibility.

Image stolen from BNTL, hope ya'll don't mind...


yemisiblake said...

Hey Tarik,

This was a pretty good issue of D&C. Though I think there was something missing. Something that you talked about in your other blog post,

D&C didn't really mention the mentors of the teens they features. It's good that you are acknowledging the people around you who are providing support and encouragement.

As for your new years resolution, I'm sure you've affected many people around you. Here's to more of that in 2009!

Speak soon,


quan said...

I didn't see this one but I will check it out (if I can from the US). Thanks for checking our blog. Glad it lead me to yours. I must say, in America we don't really get Russell Brand but that's not saying much. Keep up the good work.