Thursday, 16 October 2008


I go by the pseudonym of Whathehelle Fontenelle and consider myself an alternative to the so called 'feral youth' of today (let's get this right from the giddy get go - fuck the randy redtops, feral youths indeed...) as, though there is no such thing as feral youths (people don't seem to realise that a bunch of kids in hoods don't inherently belong to a marauding gang of cut-throat buccaneers, carry a knife/fork/harpoon, or plunder old women for their slightly pungent, if quality leather, handbags), I find it increasingly funny that anybody could put kids in the same category as wild animals. That being the case, I have yet to lend myself to the whims of active failure and have no intention of doing so any time soon - Not falling victim to my surroundings is, and shall always be, my greatest achievement.

This blog, as I began to explain earlier, was originally created because I realised I could, and I wanted to enter the myth that is the 'bloggersphere' to see if 'it worked'. Now that I am here I shall actively update myself, as much as you - the readers, of what is occurring within my caustic cranium. I am a member of the Ruby Pseudo dream team and, though I write for the company blog, 'Swagger & Swoon' shall be my portal to post all thing non-brand related.


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