Friday, 17 October 2008

New forms of advertising - Whathehelle has a word with the Guardian

This is an extension of an article I was involved with for the Guardian on new forms of advertising. The published version missed out a bit and I think it's only fair that I blog the original interview in full:

"The ads for all the new Japanese phones are amazing, with their flashing lights, holograms and a whole range of terrific technology. They make the phones look brilliant, if a bit ‘back to the future’, however, the really clever adverts are the ones incorporated into games, particularly, in my case, Pro Evolution Soccer. If you look at the pitch, there are real-life ads on the hoardings for real-life brands. I play these games on my PlayStation or whatever, and they immediately grab my attention, but in a deft, delicately discrete way. I always remember them because, though I don't go looking for them, I end up bumping into them. I love the ads on games because you are forced to go and explore them - something especially apparent in games like Grand Theft Auto and, to an extent, Pro Evo. They are subtle. Net advertising is often ostentatiously over the outrageous top and gruesomely garish. I don't need everything shoved in my face or ads that get in the way of what I am doing. We're kids. We are busy people. We don't need things slowing us down."

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